Nathan {12 Years}

Nathan turned 12 this week. We remembered the anniversary of his birth day with a chocolate cheesecake and a round the table speed game of all the things that we love and appreciate about Nathan (we had to say something quick!). We even made him participate (smile). Then Luke said a prayer over Nathan to bless him.

Nathan is super helpful around the house and takes charge of his chores in the kitchen and dining room. He is also a wonderful helper with the little ones. He plays so well with them and it is nice that they look up to him and that I can count on him to help me.

I am especially appreciative of how gracefully he is handling this coming of age time in his life. He is so easy going and laid back. The stressful "growing up moments" have been few and far between and Nathan seems to be taking it in stride ~ even with some humor. I think his personality is shining through and he is a blessing to us all!


  1. Happy Birthday, Nathan!
    Love the "quick" game idea :)

  2. Praise Yah for giving you another year Nathan =0)
    May YHWH bless you and keep you, and grant you another blessed year. May He draw you ever closer to Himself, and give you much knowledge in the Way that is His. May He be merciful to you, and give you His shalom!

  3. Nathan sounds like such a wonderful guy! You and Luke are such great parents and examples to all of your children.

    Blessings to Nathan for another healthy and happy year ahead!

  4. Hi Michelle!
    Glad to be able to read more of your posts again :)
    Happy belated birthday to your son. Praise Yah for him!
    We too play a game like that at birthday time. Ours isn't a speed one but we all go round the table at cake time and say something that we love and appreciate about the birthday person. Our children really look forward to it.
    Love Lusi x

  5. OH how funny, our son Samuel turned 12 this week in November too!!

    Again, a delightful age. :)

    Happy belated birthday to your babies.