Homeschool Highlights ~ Week 12

Technically week 12 lasted 2 weeks. . .  2 fairly easy weeks, school wise. So, we are up to 48 days in school.

We rowed Homer Price the first week while Jordan was out of town and caught up on independent work and did a few projects around the house the 2nd week (a big one was raking, blowing and bagging up leaves ~ just in time ~ it is snowing.)

Working at the table. . .

Note: I plan our lessons in a blog post and will often use it as a reference and also add notes ~ that helps me remember what we do and also doubles as record keeping (which I am terrible about otherwise) and results in a detailed blog post. (Now you know why they are so detailed). I usually sit at the table with them, but get up to do other things while they work.

Biblical History:
  • 1 Kings 17-22 (Elijah)
  • Victor's Journey Through the Bible: Elijah
  • Holman Bible Atlas: Assyrians (during the time of Elijah and Elisha)
  • Who's Who in the Bible: Elijah and Elisha
  • Luke is also reading Proverbs daily to the boys
I was asked about our core History program ~ and the simple answer to that is that we use the Bible as our main curriculum for Biblical History.  Our primary resources are Grapevine's OT Overview and History Revealed: Ancient Civilizations and the Bible to tie in Ancient History. We also regularly use The Victor's Journey Through the Bible and the Holman Bible Atlas.  I also add living history books (historical fiction) to read aloud. You can see more of what we use on our curriculum page.

Basically, we are going though the Old Testament doing Biblical History using Grapevine and picking up History Revealed to tie in Ancient History once we get to that time period in the Bible. Currently, we are on Ancient Israel in HR and working through the lessons in Grapevine. Our main goal is to make it through the Old Testament and pick up other ancient civilizations as they relate to Scripture. For example, we studied Ancient Egypt when we studied Abraham through Moses.

Read Aloud:

Luke finished the books started in my last HH and started Terrestria Chronicles ~ The Quest for Seven Castles.


Jordan went elk hunting with his grandpa and got a 5 point bull elk his first day. The elk was lying down when Jordan shot it and it never moved.

They went with his grandpa's son-n-law, Jim, who is a professional guide. They hunted about an hour outside of Cody in area 64 (Yellowstone Park is in the upper left corner).

Normally a guided trip like this, with room/board/meals, costs around $3,000 ~ Jordan really had a good time, ate well, and learned a lot!

He has salted the hide and is storing it for now ~ until we pick up some borax. Then he will soak it and follow the instructions for tanning in Back to Basics: A Complete Guide to Traditional Skills.

Elk Processing 101

Back at home, this same day (11/8), we were given an elk from the Game and Fish. When they called they said they had quartered the elk and was going to divide it between four families (since it was so big), but when we got there to pick it up they gave us the whole thing!

Luke cut the meat outside in the shop (with Dylan's help) then brought it inside on half sheet trays. Nathan and I soaked it for 30 minutes, rinsed, salted it for 1 hour with course kosher salt, rinsed (our first time "koshering" meat ~ we followed the directions on the salt container) and then cut and packaged it. It took me ALL day! (Literally) I was so tired. It is a little gamey, but better than deer.

When Jordan got home later that week, he processed his elk with his grandpa. Because the elk never moved, the meat doesn't have a wild-game taste at all. I have a feeling we will eat his before ours.

Preschool and 5K:

Mali finished lesson 4 and 5 in ETC 1, read from Bob Books Set 1, started Early Bird Book B (text book and activity book).

Eliana started Early Bird Book A and Get Ready for the Code A ~ at her repeated request and we did a few lessons in Language Lessons for Little Ones.

We rowed Corduroy and started We're Going on a Bear Hunt ~ I lost umph about half way through this week, so we haven't finished yet.

We took a road trip to see the midwife and to visit our property in Montana (a 6 hour drive in one day), shopped, remembered the anniversary of Nathan's birth day (he is 12 now), did a test run on the birthing pool and more. No wonder I lost umph! I also knit my first baby booties, but that was the relaxing part!

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  1. Way To GO Jordan...what a huge blessing that was!

  2. Love the first picture of the boys together, diligently doing their schoolwork at the table. What special memories you are building for your family as they are working together!

    Way to go, Jodan! What an awesome experience, not only to make an impressive kill, but to follow through on the other steps of the process - curing meat, tanning, etc. Great learning experiences!

  3. Wow, way to go Jordan =)
    and way to go mama, wonderful learning!
    I really dislike koshering meat... I almost think I could do with out meat, except a little fish here and there =)

    Love you!

    Shalom, May you have another delightful week in Mashiach :D

  4. What a great experience for Jordan! Congrats- that is one big elk!

  5. sickest thing I have seen. teach children to love not kill