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Household Traditions All Purpose Cleaner Review

I was planning on cleaning the downstairs tub when this arrived, but since I clean that one regularly I thought I would give it a try on the upstairs shower/tub ~ the one the boys clean.

I won't show you before pictures ~ I wouldn't want to embarrass anyone. But, I don't think it has been really cleaned since the last time I cleaned it.  But, Household Traditions All Purpose Cleaner would be ideal for the boys to use.

You just spray it on, leave it on for a few minutes, (cleaning the toilet while waiting would be ideal), then wipe off. It took a little more this time to remove the soap scum (a good spray and a little elbow grease), but if used regularly it would be easy for the boys to keep the tub clean. Note: I did not like the smell in such a small enclosed area, but didn't mind it in the kitchen. 

But that is not the reason I wanted to try this.

You can wash fruits and veggies with it.

Washing Parsley

With an all purpose cleaner?

Check out the ingredients:

A botanical solution comprised of:
purified water, amino acids,
minerals and other ingredients
derived from leafy green,
edible and seed-bearing plants.

Did you catch the part about leafy green, edible and seed-bearing plants?

I love that it is safe to use around food!

I went a little overboard. I used two-thirds of the bottle the first day - in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on walls, counters, and more. I wish I could blame it on the nesting instinct (only 4 weeks until I am due), but I think it was trying something new.

That, and it works great!

Want to give it a try? Check it out here. You can also leave me a comment for a chance to win a 32 ounce bottle! 

Contest has ended ~ congrats to agodlyhomemaker! Commenter #3. 

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