Down and Over and Down Some More . . .

Eliana is FOUR!

My girl is growing up so fast. Makes me realize how much more I need to make sure that I am a good example for her. I fall short so often, so I am blessed that she is such a sweet girl!

Eliana, your life {at 4} is:

  • ballerinas

  • the colors purple and pink

  • dollies

  • dressing yourself without being told

  • reading books in your bed with dollies lined up

  • Go-Any-Where Girls, Strawberry Shortcake, Rag Dolls, Playmobil, G.I. Joes for daddies =)

  • sharing blankets and snuggling

  • big kisses and hugs

  • homeschool, reading books

  • Five in a Row {rowing books}

  • laundry piles and helping Pop

  • talking to Bo {helping Mommy}

  • playing with Malachi

  • helping Mommy in the kitchen

  • sweet smiles and a sweet voice

A few things about her:

She still loves to twirl.

She still loves to wear dresses and skirts.

She loves to play dollies.

Her favorite color is purple, then pink.

She is all-girl. I love that about her!

Shout outs from her family:

She is sweet and loving.

She is a very good sister.

She is a good player with Malachi. (Eliana) :-)

She is beautiful.

Elli is good at dancing (twirling).

She is good at playing dolls.

She is a good little helper.

She is so smart.

An interview with Elli:

What is your name: Elli

When is your birthday: Soon

How old are you: 4

What is your favorite thing about being a kid? dancing, getting dressed myself

What do you want to be when you grow up? I'm already 4

Who is your Mama: Mommy

What does your Mama do: take care of daughters and take good care of Bo

Who is your Daddy: Pop

What does your Daddy do: he works at the Y

What is your favorite toy: dollhouse dolls and baby dolls

What is your favorite color: pink and purple

What is your favorite book: Bible and Berenstain Bears

What do you want to do when you grow up: be 5 (she always says, 'when I grow up and be a mom...')

Where do you want to live when you grow up: when I grow up and be 5? (smile)

What is your favorite animal: dogs and cats

What do Mama and Daddy do after you go to bed: kiss and hug (lol) (Jordan chimed in with eat ice cream and make popcorn, lol)

Who does our family love the most: YHVH

Why do we read our Bible: because YHVH says

Why do we obey YHVH: because He is the boss

What is your favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Strawberry

Where do you like to eat: at home

Who is your favorite person: YHVH

Who is your best friend: Malachi

What is your favorite thing to do: paint, play

It has been neat to watch her grow.

Here she is at:

I wrote this when she was 2:

A good friend said daughters are the reflection of thier mother (I can see how this could be true- she mimics everything I do!) and my prayer is that I would reflect the Father's love and see it blossom in her.
That is still my prayer.

Thank you, Father, for Your wonderful gift to us!


  1. This is a sweet picture of Eliana! She is looking way too "grown" Michelle! Tell her to slow down:-). She's so pretty.

    You are a wonderful example to her (to me too!) and she is so blessed to have you as her mother.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend Michelle!

  2. I hope she had a special day---4 is a wonderful age to be!

  3. I love the idea of an interview! And her answers were precious!

  4. Oh she is so sweet!

    Our Elly turned 4 on the 28th of January!

    What a beautiful age!