What I Love About You ~ Weeks 1 & 2

This is a little series for my little one ~ thanks to Carisa for the idea.

Birth - 1 Week

Day 1

I Love. . .

  • your newness.

  • your oh-lah cry.

  • how alert you are.

  • the adorable dimple in your chin.

  • your soft light brown hair.

  • your long fingers.

  • how you hold your hands together.

  • how you wrap your fingers around my finger and hold them close to you.

  • how peaceful and content you are.

  • breastfeeding you.

  • how wonderful you were while traveling to see the midwife.

  • how good you felt while carrying you in the sling for the first time.

  • the meals and gifts that thoughtful people have sent my way because of you!

Day 4

1 - 2 Weeks

Day 8

I Love. . .

  • how good you were for your circumcision.

  • how snuggly you are in your gown sleepers and terry cloth socks.

Day 8

  • how I have loved my baby moon with you and don't want it to end.

  • how you are already loosing your newborn look.

  • sleeping with you at night ~ how just snuggling close calms you.

  • the sweet noises you make while you sleep (even  though they keep me awake).

  • how you wrinkle your nose when I give you a paci.

  • how you love to be held.

  • the strawberry blonde highlights in your hair and how it is looking lighter every day.

  • picking you up after you wake from a nap ~ you feel so good in my arms. 

Day 13

I can't believe you are two weeks already! I love you sweet baby boy.


  1. oh, all this baby love is making me want another-now! he is so precious ♥

  2. What a lovely seris to do!! Beautiful reflections Michelle!!
    Luv Donna

  3. So precious....like Lisa...I just wish I could have more!

  4. I've been blog hopping and just found you! What a precious little one! I'm hanging out on your blogs for a little while and just want you to know how glad I am to be here!
    Linda in GA

  5. Oh Michelle!!! He's adorable and I loved reading all your heartfelt thoughts :-) so glad you've enjoyed your babymoon :-)
    Lots of love,
    Lusi x