What I Love About You ~ 3 Weeks

At 3 weeks, you weigh 10 pounds 1 ounce and are 23 1/2 inches long.

A sweet friend made this labor-of-love ~ this quilt for you. I love it. It has Proverbs 3:5 embroidered on it ~ "Trust in YHVH with all your heart. . ." {Todah, my friend!} It matches one of my favorite outfits for you, so I took some 3 week old photos of you on it.

I Love...

  • what a good little nurser you are. 

  • what a content baby you are.

  • how healthy and strong you are.

  • how you pull your little legs up and raise your arms.

  • what a sweet little face you have.

  • how you look like you are ready to roll over already!

  • how wide awake and alert you are (when you are awake!).

  • your strawberry blonde highlights (or is that reddish brown hair?).

  • how you try to stick your whole hand in your mouth. 

  • how much everyone loves to hold you.

  • how much every loves you!

  • how cute you look in your new bouncy seat (I bought it so you could be near us while doing school when Mommy needs a free hand). 

Your outfit was a gift from another sweet friend!

  • how sweet and snugly you look in the co-sleeper, all swaddled up.  

I read a new book this week. It is called The No-Cry Sleep Solution. I am going to type up my thoughts more in another post because I am learning so much (and I don't want to forget). Here, I am learning about safe co-sleeping. . . 

. . . and how to put you to sleep without nursing. Here is my first attempt at a sleep association:

It is a white noise maker, but the only one I like is the rain sounds. 

And I love this co-sleeper, but you are already almost too big for it. 

I will probably put the bassinet by my bed again, except that I like it downstairs too much ~ you nap in it during the day. 

Of course, this is a common napping spot, too:

Look how big you are getting!


  1. I have been waiting on another of these posts to see sweet Bo! He has already changed so much! He's adorable Michelle. So tiny and sweet.

    I did "cry it out"--Baby Wise :( with Joe and Jack, but "No cry" :) with Jesse. I have used a white noise machine for all three of my boys and it really did help tons!

    It looks like everyone truly adores Bo. Enjoy him, and send some baby magic my way...please:-).

  2. He's getting so big already! Such a handsome little guy. I love the last picture especially...I just love sibling love ♥

  3. Chel - OH HE IS SOOOOO CUTE! I love the outfits, the first sooo precious! What a wonderful quilt too! I pray all is going well, please let me know if I can do anything for you, I don't suppose holding baby b is really a need...*Smile* ;0)

  4. How sweet! Great post, Chel. Nice quilt, too, and I love the first outfit.

  5. I can't believe how big he's gotten already!
    I love the quilt--what a wonderful keepsake. :-)

  6. Precious! Glad to see the little guy! Love his outfit! Hope you got the hang of the sling! (I put our new dog in mine yesterday!)

  7. He is beautiful!

    I love the No Cry Sleep Solution and her other books - working on it right now with my newest little guy (Caleb is 2 months old).

    And seeing the older siblings with the baby is so precious!