What I Love About You ~ 5 Weeks

5 weeks 

At 5 weeks, you weigh 11 1/2 lbs.

You are sick with a cough and have such a pitiful cry. I think it hurts to cry. So I try to anticipate your every need. Which means I am holding you often or keeping you close.

I Love...
  • how sweet you looked while sleeping next to me. 

I think you loved sleeping in this position because I hold you the same way. You may have fallen asleep in my arms before I laid you down. 
  • the noises you make while sleeping. I am learning that these don't always mean that you are waking up and that babies make sounds and even cry in their sleep. They can nurse in their sleep too! You are good at that. I am good at falling asleep while nursing too. You love to sleep in my arms. But, I try to lay you down after nursing (or after I wake up ~ which I do because I like to toss and turn at night). 

You are still nursing well. I think you are about to go through another growth spurt ~ you nursed all day yesterday. 

I hope and pray that you start to feel better soon. I think you already are.  I had the humidifier brought up out of storage today and cleaned it. The Thieves I ordered arrived today and I couldn't find my diffuser. So I improvised.

I put a few drops of oil on the hankie and placed it over the humidifier. Once it was soaked I put it on the heater. Then back on the humidifier. Works for now.

Jordan took this photo of us today. 

I think I look tired. I don't even think I combed my hair today and I'm pretty sure this was taken in the afternoon sometime...  well, I'm up too late as it is, but time is going by so quickly. 

The best advice I was given as a new mom for the very first time was to "revel in the moment." I remember holding Jordan as a tiny baby and memorizing every little detail. I want to revel in the moment with all my children, but they seem to all be growing up so quickly! 


  1. I know what you mean about them growing so quickly that it is hard to revel in the moment. I have been feeling this deeply lately. I so want to just enjoy every thing with them, but how when there are so many, the days pass so fast and it's impossible to be with each of them as much as I'd like. I know you know what I mean.

    Little Bo looks so sweet in those sleeping pictures. His cheeks are plumping up too! Love it.

    I will pray for him that he gets well very soon. It is so hard to have a tiny one sick. Worry is so great with the sickness.

    I don't know much to tell you to do for him other than that humidifier. My Jesse got sick little like that too and that's all I could do. Use it, hold him and pray.

    Prayers Michelle, and hugs too.

  2. Such beautiful pictures of Boaz , Michelle and you have the lovely radiant mother glow!!
    Praying for Yah to heal and soothe little Boaz's throat and chest.
    I so love these updates they are such a lovely look into your family.
    Luv and hugs Donna

  3. Father heal little Boaz...and give Michelle rest and strenght during this time.

  4. I'm so sorry to hear that Bo is sick. I will be praying for him (and for everyone else in the house too---Momma doesn't need anyone else to be sick!).
    He is truly a handsome little guy.
    The humidifier is the best thing. Even now, when one of my girls appears to be coming down with something, we put the vaporizor in their room and it really seems to keep things from getting bad---at least it has over the last couple of years.
    I'll be thinking of you and praying.

  5. Hope Bo feels better soon. I enjoyed the post. I like the picture of you and him, even if you look tired. It's precious love. Love you, Chel.

  6. Praying he feels better soon. And you do look a bit tired--praying you get extra rest (but you still look beautiful--what a true Mother picture!)