What I Love About You ~ 4 Weeks

4 Weeks

I'm a little tired these days and time is going by so fast. You are already 4 weeks now and it all seems a like blur.

At 4 weeks you weigh 11 pounds already! You have outgrown all of your newborn cloth diapers and I didn't even get to use them much. I am using cloth wipes though and love them.

I Love...

  • watching you snooze while we do school.

  • how content you are when I change you.

  • that your little legs are getting some chub to them.

  • that your onesies are fitting more snug.

  • your gown sleepers ~ you are so cozy in them. 

  • how well you did while traveling to Montana this week. I think traveling puts you right to sleep. 

One day this week, I put you in the sling so I could do some work on the computer. I like this sling because it is easy to get on and off... although I am still figuring it out (it is on upside down in the pics). 

(I'm using PhotoBooth on my Mac to take these pics)

Todah (that means thank you!) to a sweet friend for making this sling for us. :-)

I weigh you in this sling.

We use the fishing scale I bought from Cabelas. First, we weigh the sling with a diaper and a onesie inside, then I tare it and remove them before I add you. This way I don't have to strip you down to weigh you. I just make sure you have a fresh diaper on. The scale also keeps track of how much you weigh. 

I have this sling and a Moby Wrap. I am hoping that between the two I will be able to do some baby wearing and walking soon. I may even do some baby wearing exercises. I had never heard of such a thing before! But, hey, it would be nice to get into some of my old clothes. :-)


  1. :) Oh I love it! I also love your new blog look....you will have share what baby exercises are?!

  2. He's so sweet Michelle! Glad to see a picture of you too. You look happy:-)!

    I love gown sleepers too. One of my favorite things about having a tiny baby.

    Bo is precious. I bet you love holding him so much.

    I never did the baby exercises with my Moby Wrap, but a friend did and loved it. HA! She would even wear her baby in the gym for a couple classes!

  3. Precious baby, I can almost smell him!