Matzah Pizza

If you put pizza sauce with turkey sausage on commercial Matzah and warm it under the broiler on low while you grate the cheese (mozza and parm), then take it out and add the cheese and olives, and then melt the cheese under the broiler, then let the crust (matzah) soften for a few minutes. . . it tastes just like a Totino's pizza. :D

It brought back memories for Luke. When I met him, that is all he knew how to cook :p

My Italian Red Sauce:
  1. Sauté lots of onions in a little olive oil until tender

  2. Add a 1-2 T minced fresh garlic

  3. Crumbled turkey sausage

Add to a stock pot with:
  1. Lots of Organic Italian Recipe Stewed Tomatoes chopped.

  2. Basil or Italian seasonings to taste.

Simmer. Cool. Store in quart jars until ready to use. 

While I was making this batch, Malachi groaned, "Are we having spuh-ghetti uh-gain??" To which I said, "No, we are having pasta with a red sauce and italian turkey sausage." :D His face lit up with glee and he exclaimed, "YYYeeessss!"  Shhhhh! =)


  1. Yummo! I think you have inspired aour lunch for tomorrow. :-)

  2. Yummy! This is what is for our lunch today, complete with black olives. He-he =)