Mrs. Katz and Tush {FI♥AR}

"In this special Passover story, Larnel Moore, a young African-American boy, and Mrs. Katz, an elderly Jewish woman, develop an unusual friendship through their mutual concern for an abandoned cat named Tush. Together they explore the common themes of suffering and triumph in each of their cultures." ~ Patricia Polacco

In "school" this week we remembered the Passover, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, and the Feast of First Fruits (Resurrection Day), so I thought this would tie in perfectly with Mrs. Katz and Tush!

Here is what we did:

Social Studies: Relationships ~ Loving Our Neighbor

Betty is an elderly widow neighbor. We love to take her meals, baked goods, and keep her company. She is in a nursing home until her daughter comes to stay with her, so we went to visit her.

We took her a pink carnation in a rose bowl because in the Spring when our wild roses bloom, she asks for one for her rose bowl.

She has been gone for two months and we were happy to learn that she will be home in one more week. On our way home, I talked to the little ones about more ways that we can be a good neighbor to her. She likes hollyhocks, so I suggested we plant some hollyhocks for her to enjoy. 

Social Studies: History ~ the Exodus from Egypt, Passover

The Exodus from Egypt is mentioned in the book, so we did the Deliverance and Exodus lessons from Grapevine's Old Testament Overview.

We also covered the New Covenant Passover in The Resurrection study.

A study of the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread from The Biblical Feasts and Holy Days would also tie in perfectly with this book!

In the book, Mrs. Katz compares the bondage of the Israelites (she specifies the Jewish nation, but all twelve tribes were in bondage in Egypt) to the slavery of Larnel's people. We discussed that and also talked about the Israelites whom are still exiled to the nations and whom Father is prophesied to gather in the end days ~ we believe we are a part of that prophecy as Father lifts the blinders off and calls His people, Israel, back and we return to our Hebrew roots  ~ whether blood born or grafted in. ;-) {Romans 11}

Social Studies: Culture ~ Israel

Yiddish ~ we learned some Yiddish words from the story like bubeleh (darling one or little one).

I don't think we will try the gelfite fish (mentioned in the story), but I did make a kugel ~ a Cheesy Potato Kugel.

{We've made this one for years} I wasn't brave enough to make a noodle kugel ~ mushy noodles sound gross to me. If you have a recipe for one that you love, please share!

We also made potato pancakes.

And for a special treat, we had some kosher marshmallows from Israel. 

{Malachi and Eliana have never had a marshmallow before!}

We kept Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread this week, so we made a traditional Jewish matzah (unleavened bread) . . . 

And with some commercial Matzah. . .

we made Matzah Pizza!

Language Arts: Narration ~ I had the kids narrate the story to me and then they illustrated it.

Malachi, age 6

Eliana, age 4

Science: Cats

We visited the Cat and Dog Shelter to pet and play with the cats and kittens. Of course, they begged me to take one home, but, um... no. They were running a special ~ adopt one cat over a year old, get one cat over 4 months old for free. The kittens are easier to find homes for. It's no wonder ~ they are so cute!

We found a cat without a tail, just like Tush. =)