What I Love About You ~ 14 - 16 Weeks


The sunny window is a cozy, warm spot for a nap. 

I can *sometimes* lay Bo down for a nap in his crib - WIDE awake. But, not always.


Mostly he sleeps in his bouncy seat...

Or in someone's arms.


At 14 Weeks:

I Love. . .

  • your long stretches in the mornings 

  • how cheerful you are when you wake up

  • how you are moving around more

  • how you grab at your toys more

  • how you KICK like crazy in the bathtub and how excited you get

  • how you still startle like a newborn

  • that you are weighing in at 15 1/2 pounds

Bo noticing the tags on his play mat.


Bo is becoming a finger sucker. 

At 15 Weeks:

I Love. . . 
  • that you are almost rolling over

  • that you can move in circles around your play mat by kicking your legs over. 


  • that you are such a little talker! 

  • that Mali still loves to hold you. 


  • how you hold your hands together. 


  • you sucking the fingers on both of your hands. 


  • how much Sis loves you. 

Tired Mama nursing Bo. 

At 16 Weeks:

I Love. . .

  • that you can ROLL over! {back to front}

  • that you love your Lovie.

{I made this video on iMovie using a voice over}
  • you sucking on your fingers for comfort {despite my efforts of using a pacifier}

  • you reaching for your Lovie

  • how your face lights up when I give you your Lovie

  • you snuggling your Lovie at naptime

  • that you can transfer a toy from one hand to the other

  • that your brothers can get you to sleep. 

  • you noticing the monkeys on your feet. 

  • you sucking on your fingers. 

  • your bright, beautiful smile and sweet cheeks. 

  • your smiling eyes. 

  • you sitting so good in your Bumbo seat. 

My boy is growing and changing so fast ~ I couldn't quite make it to 4 months. If my photo album bursts at the seems, at least he will know he was loved.