What I Love About You ~ 4 Months

I Love. . . 
  • the sparkle in your beautiful eyes

  • your waking up from nap-time cries

  • that I feel so blessed to be your mama

  • our new normal that will never be the same

  • that at 4 months, you are officially not a newborn anymore and how that shows

  • that you are 16 1/2 pounds now and growing so fast

  • reveling in these moments for they are so fleeting

  • you in your new puppy outfit ~ a gift from Chantelle ~ a reader. Things like this always remind me that Father loves me. . . and provides for my every need. I am grateful for her gift. (She also sent some shorts and shirts for Summer and even a gift for the older children). 

Bo "talking"
I almost forgot ~ 

I Love. . . 
  • that you found your feet


  1. 4mo. already? He's grown so much! I love the photos.

  2. Aww totaly love the foot pics...and he is just too precious!!

  3. I couldnt comment on your last what I love about you update, but I had wanted to say I SO love these precious updates of little Boaz!! He is so beautiful Michelle and I love reading your mamas heart!
    Luv Donna

  4. Bo is growing so fast! These are my favorite posts. :)

  5. He is growing so fast! He has the most beautiful eyes and the happiest, brightest smile. Oh, I know you just love holding and snuggling him. Tiny babies have got to be the best thing on this earth next to being a mama in general.

    These are some sweet, happy pictures! I love seeing how he is growing in each of these posts.

  6. Look how big he's gotten!!
    I found this update last week--evidently I was on Firefox but didn't realize it---but came back later to show my daughter the pictures of Bo and couldn't find the post--I was on IE. I just thought that maybe you wanted to change something in the post, so didn't think too much of it. I kept checking back though---still no post.
    Today I got on Firefox because one of the websites I occasionally visit isn't viewed properly in IE--and I found the post!
    I guess I should give up my old IE ways, but I find it so much easier (probably because I'm used to it).
    I hope you all have been enjoying the spring feasts time. We've been stumbling along, but learning all the time. :-)
    I think Bo is gonna be a talker. And I love when they find their feet too! :-)
    Enjoy these snuggly days.