Resurrection Study {Grapevine}

If you are not a stranger to my blog, then you know that I ♥ Grapevine Studies and that my kids love Stick-Figuring Through the Bible! So, I was very excited to review this:

The Resurrection ~ a study of the people and events in the last hours of Yeshua's (Jesus) life.

  • Beginner & Multi-Level Student e-book: $8.95 ~ on sale now for $6.25! 
  • Beginner & Multi-Level Teacher's e-book: $16.95 ~ on sale now for: $11.85!

I reviewed the Multi-Level Teacher's e-book with both the Beginner & Multi-Level Student e-books (the Multi-Level teacher's guide is compatible with both student books). I like the student e-books because I used this with multiple children and it is much easier to print from my computer than make copies. However, I wouldn't mind having the printed Teacher's Manual.

I did this study with my 4 older boys ~ ages 6-15. I gave Malachi, my 6 year old a choice between the Beginner pages and the Multi-Level pages and he did some of both. I think the Beginner pages give more room for drawing, and are perfect for ages 3-6. The Multi-Level is designed for ages 7 and up.

My husband and I liked that the Bible readings include accounts from all four gospels and that one reading flowed into the next. Grapevine is very teacher friendly.  We all liked that the drawings tied in nicely with the Scriptures and are fun and easy to do, but also do the important job of helping them remember the details of the lessons. 

11 total Lessons include:
  1. The Last Supper

2. The Six Trials of Jesus (Religious and Civil)

3. The Crucifixion

4. Jesus' Death and Burial

5. The Resurrection

6. The Ascension

{And these are just some of the stick figures you will meet!}

Grapevine is multi-sensorial, colorful, engaging, incorporates note-booking with Bible and is chronological. And drawing stick figures is a fun and easy way to learn important peoples and events in the Bible!   Most of all, it is non-denominational and Biblically based. Read my original review of Grapevine Studies to learn more!

We are keeping the Spring Feasts ~ Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread and Feast of First Fruits this week and I really wanted to dive into the New Covenant Scriptures for our studies and this was perfect! We have completed the study up until the Death and Burial of Yeshua. We will finish the study this Sabbath and then celebrate His resurrection on the Feast of First Fruits!


  1. Thanks for this!! I was wondering if the teacher's manual was necessary for the the beginner level? Or do you think it is more economical to just get the multilevel option. I have little ones and I would probably get the ebook version but in looking at the beginner sample it didn't look necessary to get the teacher manual. This looks great and I think it would be a great supplement to what we are doing but not to heavy for the little ones. Thank you so much for this review!

  2. So that is really cool!! I must have missed your first review, but I will take a look at it. The sample lesson is perfect for this week. Thanks for sharing.

  3. The teacher's manual is necessary (all the stick figures and summaries
    are in there), but you could get by without the student book! You
    could have them draw on plain paper and do the questions orally. =)
    (The sample shows the teacher's pages and the student pages in one,
    but they are two different books). Hope that helps!

  4. WE are using this too. I love their products. I have the Old Testament Timeline for my Wed night class too. I definitely think I will use more of their studies.