Bo's Life {1 Year 1 Month}

Bo's life is. . . 

  • nurse, cuddle, sleep

  • nurse, cuddle, play

  • nurse, cuddle, eat

  • nurse, cuddle, play

  • nurse, cuddle, bathe

  • nurse, cuddle, sleep

Ah, the life of a babe. 

Bo gets so excited to take a bath. If I take his clothes off, he makes a beeline for the tub! He is fascinated by the bar of soap and will spend "forever" in the tub! 

LOVE that wrinkly foot in the bottom pic! 

Just want to remember Bo at this age. He is changing. I can talk to him and he understands. I can give him small commands and he will obey. I can say "no" and he hangs his head as if to say "ah" or rolls over and goes back to sleep. He used to lay down on the floor and bury his head in the carpet, but lately he runs to the corner to pout. So cute! He communicates well - he says, "ooo" when we wants something and points to it or goes to it. He loves things that move or makes sounds - the mixer in the kitchen, the printer in my office, the clock, the guitar, phones, iPods - he is fascinated by them! He's SO curious! He reminds me so much of Jordan in this regard. 

He is also very active - like Nathan.  He is running now in his cute toddler way - kicks the ball around the living room and runs after it.  He's still climbing and making messes, too. Lately he has been sitting on the couch like a big boy and has even sat at the table for a snack. 

He helps Pop with laundry. He helps him push the clothes into the dryer and take them out again. If he sees clothes on the ground, he will put them back in the basket. Still throwing things in the trash too. 

He is cuddly like Dylan. Sweet like Elli. All boy like Malachi. He loves to be busy, like his dad. 

He's smart, like me (Luke added). :) I love seeing us all in him. 

Project {Bo's} Life

I realized that I didn't even comment on the photos on my journaling cards, so I trimmed a blank journaling card and added it to the title card. 

I will probably use the other side for extra space for week 4 - which is overflowing! {and coming up!}

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