Project 52 {Week 2}

Our life.

One week at a time. 

Twenty Twelve.  

Week 2.

This week:

  • I finished my Week 1 layout for 2012! Oh, what joy to be working on a current album! 

  • It was so nice to have the boys home on Monday - we missed them terribly. 

  • Jordan got to drive his new truck - oh what a happy 15 year old boy! 

1.10.12 I ended up sticking this photo in week 1!

We took it for several "spins." :) It will be bittersweet when he graduates from a learners permit to a driver's license this March - he will be able to drive himself to soccer practice and elsewhere, but he will no longer be asking me to go with him. :'-)

  • We started week 19 in school (My Father's World) and are officially over half way through the year!

  • We studied medieval times in school and read The Door in the Wall for our read-aloud.

  • We started our "row" of Another Celebrated Dancing Bear.

  • I blogged.  

  • It snowed. 

  • I had withdrawals from going off sugar, oy! 

  • Bo took long naps during the day (and stayed up late). 

  • Malachi started basketball (K/1). 1.9.12

  • Dylan started volleyball (4th-6th).  1.10.12

  • Nathan started Y Jr. High spring soccer (but, it's still winter, I said!). 1.10.12

  • Jordan started indoor soccer to prepare for high school soccer. 1.12.12

  • Luke, Jordan and Nathan all started adult indoor soccer at the Y. 

  • It's been a busy week! 

  • We pinched every penny we had. 

  • We got a care package from Mema and Popi.  1.10.12 (Note: I need to send Luke's mom pics of Bo). 

  • I squeezed Elli today and said, "I can't believe you will be five in 10 whole days!" She said, "That's okay, I'll still be a kid." :) 1.12.12

Mali watching Nathan play on his iPod. 

  • We made homemade ice cream. 1.13.12

  • We had a medieval serf's and peasant's meal for our study of medieval times. 1.13.12

  • Elli and I did our hair. 

Elli asked me to roll her hair in curlers. 

Bo loves to play with anything of ours, rather than his. 

Beautiful girl with curls. 

Week 2 Dinner Menu:

  • [Sunday] Fry bread with pintos and shredded cheddar

  • [Monday] Nathan's famous spaghetti with parmesan 

  • [Tuesday] Curried lentils over rice

  • [Wednesday] Lentils (seasoned with cumin) and corn tortillas (buttered, salted and broiled until crispy). 

  • [Thursday] Salmon patties with potatoes.

  • [Friday - Erev Shabbat meal] Rib eye steaks (for the nobles, lol) and lentil stew and rustic brown bread for the peasants and serfs. Homemade ice cream.

  • [Saturday] For Sabbath, overnight oatmeal for breakfast, leftover lentil soup for lunch, and fried eggs for dinner followed by Pop's famous popcorn. 

I made 3 loaves of honey oatmeal bread for breakfast this week - it is a quick bread, but not as sweet as a muffin. It was good toasted with butter, but the boys didn't care for it as much as Luke did. We had fried eggs with it for breakfast or just toasted with decaf coffee (for me). We also had overnight oatmeal made with oat groats or raw oats with milk for breakfast. 

Overnight oatmeal with cranberries and Sucanat. 

For a sweet treat, I made honey glazed pecans and everyone loved those. (Only natural/raw sugars this week).    

My Project Life layout this week

One nice thing about taking a weekly approach to Project Life is that I am encouraged to take more photos this time of year. In years past, January and February pages are sorely lacking! 

I am also challenged in getting photos of everyone in the whole family. The lighting in our home is so poor at night that I don't like to take pictures after the sun goes down. (The kitchen has great light though.) I will make more of an effort to include everyone (and even make an appearance myself). :) 

I am still working on an Amber edition for '07, '08 and '09. I realized that I squeezed 3 years into one album (just family, not school). I ordered some photos that were missing and still have some journaling to do to finish. When I am done, I will post a video tour through the album. (Keep in mind that it won't be fancy - my goal is to get caught up!). 

I've been working on preparing for a Bible study that I will be participating in this week. I am a part of Tamara's Good Morning Girls group and we will be studying the book of Ephesians. Over 12 weeks I will be penning the book of Ephesians (S), writing down observations about the daily passages (O), writing an application for each passage (A) and writing a prayer (P) = S.O.A.P. 

Which leads me to WHY I came to use Turquoise for 2012. . .  

I wanted to have something special to journal in for the study (and needed a journal with lines), so I went to the store to buy one. But I couldn't find a journal that was not made in China. :-/ Luke has asked me to stop buying "China junk" and to start buying USA made IF I can. I wanted to honor him (and even returned two lanterns that I had recently bought for our cabin) so I looked through every journal and notebook on the shelf. 


So, I went to the next isle and spotted some 4x6 index cards. I used to write Scripture on index cards and stick them in my purse to pull out to read while out and about, so I thought those might work for the study . . . and they are made in the USA!

When I got home, the idea hit me that 4x6 cards would fit in my Project Life album.  I pulled Turquoise out and it was a perfect match. The index cards are a natural fit for this design. [yay!] It was meant to be. My faith is a part of my everyday life, so why not have my study be a part of my Project Life?! I am so thankful for how this worked out!

My set up for the Bible study and Project Life is simple: 

All I need for the study is pictured. My computer sits behind me if I should need to look up a word in the Greek. (I use for that). My photos are to the right of me and and album and pages in progress are to the left of me. It's kind of a mess right now! The middle part of the table (what you see) is the only part that is organized! I'll try to post a pic next week of the whole room (that way I'll be motivated to clean it!). 

I've also been working on some Goal Setting Questions for 2012 and hope to share those soon.

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