Eliana's Life {5 Years}

My life is. . .  by Eliana

  • Playmobil

  • having the best time ever with my mom

  • having a good time with my brothers and my baby brother

  • having a good time with my dad

  • playing together

  • watching movies together

  • having fun

  • running through the sprinkler

  • playing with my teddy bears

  • having a tea party with my dolls

  • playing with Andy and Gracie

  • playing games

  • doing school

  • alphabet

  • All About Reading

  • drawing with my dad

  • me and Malachi playing dollhouse together

  • playing Playmobil

  • dancing together

  • purple, blue, red and pink (and the color you are wearing - dark blue)

  • ice cream

  • Hello Kitty

  • Strawberry Shortcake

She is such a blessing! I love her sweet spirit and how loving she is. Her sensitive heart is teaching me to be gentle and patient. Her lively spirit has taught me to be silly and to LAUGH! She is so full of smiles, laughter and joy! 

Highlights of her day. . . 

"Cute," she says as she looks over my shoulder as I type. :)

French toast sprinkled with powdered sugar with strawberries and a whipped cream heart. 

Strawberry Shortcake Cake with Natural Strawberry ice cream

Last week, as I was having Eliana write her ABC's in her almost 5 year old handwriting, I saw that she messed up and asked her if she wanted to start over (for I wanted to frame it) and she said, "It's okay, it doesn't have to be perfect." Lightbulb moment for me! You are right, Elli, it doesn't have to be perfect! I love you just as you are {always will} ~ just as our Heavenly Father loves us in all our imperfections.

Project {Eliana's} Life

The adorable card was hand stamped and made especially for Eliana by my friend Lisa. I'm not sure she was ready to part with it, but I had it made 4x6 to fit in the album! She let me put it in the album after she drew a picture inside.  :)

Love you forever, Elli. ♥

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