Project 52 {Week 1}

Our life.

One week at a time.

Twenty Twelve.

Project Fifty Two.

I've always been intrigued by Project 365 ~ taking one photograph a day for a whole year, but I know myself well enough that I wouldn't do well with the pressure of one photo a day. I average 9.25 photos a day, so the week-at-a-time approach to Project Life should work for me! 

My plan is to keep Project Life SIMPLE. I need the simplicity that Project Life was designed for. I want my creativity to continue to flow into life, my children and my homeschool and I need to be able to keep up with all the documenting that I do. By keeping Project Life simple, I can. [Insert squeals of JOY!]

I will save our home school photos for the school album when it releases. I'm sure it will be worth the wait. :)

I plan to use more collages (you'll see why below). Plus, I've been putting collages in my album from '09 and I like how they look in the Project Life album (however, I like them much better without white spaces). I stopped using collages in 2010 because I wanted to be able to do traditional {creative} scrapbooking. But, my creativity these days all goes into my homeschool and then I discovered Project Life and there is no going back!

I will be printing and putting these photos into an album this very year. My plan was to start working on a current album when I get caught up - which is my goal THIS YEAR! But, if I don't work on our current year, I will never, in a sense, be caught up! So, without further delay, here it is:

Week 1 of our life, 2012. 

I finished ordering our prints for 2011 on January 1st 2012.

I picked them up the next day at our local Walgreens.

Prints were 9¢ each + tax.  That's 2,330 photos from one year (and ONLY the ones that I PRINTED!).  THAT is why I am doing more collages this year.


I made homemade {kosher} marshmallows for the first time! Everyone liked them soft and fluffy - I liked them after they dried for a few days and were chewy.  I used the recipe from Joy of Baking. So good!


I was working in the other room when the kids came running to tell me, "You have to come see this!" Bo had climbed into Eliana's doll house and was playing. :)


Nathan putting dishes away (I wanted a photo of his hair. The longer it gets the curlier it is and I LOVE it.) And making fudge (I LOVE fudge).  Bo's first taste of fudge. Messy boy - I wish he would keep his bib on, but he always pulls it off.

When Jordan decide to sell his 1-ton back in November, I took him downtown to get the title notarized and then we took it to our mechanic to make sure it got a clean bill of health. Well, it didn't sell.

I'm including it now, because Jordan, who will be 16 in March, traded it in and bought a new (to him) truck! 

He was with his dad for the weekend, so Luke took care of the purchase, picked it up and brought it home.  And here is the lonely truck waiting for Jordan to come home. Oh, he was in agony the whole weekend - so excited to get home to see his new truck!  

1996 Dodge Ram Sport

I'm pretty sure I'll have some photos of him with the truck next week. :)

Luke and I helped him because it was a great deal for such a great truck (97,000 miles, 5.9 V8 Magnum with a Magna Flow Exhaust system, 4x4, lift, 20" rims, bed cover, XM radio, seats 6, A/C, tilt, cruise, automatic - all the options available for this year and it is nice and clean inside). And it all worked out so smoothly. Luke had a salesman email him to let him know about it, they went down that day to look at it, then Jordan had to leave. We had just enough money in our savings to help him with the balance due (less his trade in and his savings) and a few texts later, they made the decision to buy it.

It will be nice for the boys to have a truck they can all fit in when they go to the property in Montana (instead of taking my suburban). I'm so excited for him to have such a nice truck! I've watched him labor and toil over the 1-ton and while it was good for him to learn so many things (how to install a new radiator, how to rebuild a Rochester 4 barreled carburetor, how to install new u-joints, how to drop the gas tank and clean it out, how to replace fuel lines, and various other tasks to repair and tune it up), I am glad that he has a truck that will be reliable and doesn't need any work at all!

Here are my layouts for Week 1:

{I still need to fill out the title cards.}

Next week, I will share why I decided to use the Turquoise Edition for 2012. I was planning to use Clementine (Turquoise for 2010 and Cobalt for 2011), but by providence, I am using Turquoise!

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