Project 52 {Week 3}

Our life.

One week at a time. 

Twenty Twelve.  

Week 3. 

This week:

  • I ground wheat and baked bread! (I've been in survival mode in this area). I made 3 loaves of oatmeal/whole wheat yeast bread. 

  • I made 24 cups of honey-vanilla-peanut butter granola (and it was gone by Wednesday!). 

  • I started my bible study on the book of Ephesians. 

  • I napped. (I rarely nap during the day).

  • I went to bed early all week! I didn't get much accomplished online as a result, but I'm such a bear when I don't get enough sleep (and Bo still keeps me up at night). 

  • We started week 20 in our My Father's World curriculum (Knights and Castles).

  • We ate pea soup for our "medieval monastery" lunch.  

  • We had Another Celebrated Dancing Bear Tea Party and practiced our hospitality skills. :)

  • We counted down the days until Eliana turns 5 (I'll share more next week!).  

Elli opened an early birthday gift from Mema and Popi. I love how excited she gets over everything. She is so full of life. 

(She is sitting in the kitchen on a bucket of grain, ha ha! I had her open it in the kitchen because that is the only room that has good enough lighting at night for photographs!)

Eliana modeled her lady bug hair clips.  LOVE this girl! 

Dylan played blocks with Boaz. So fun to watch! Love how excited Bo was to not only knock over the blocks, but to help set them back up again! And love how Dylan played so well with him. ♥

Slobbers and smiles of joy!  This boy melts my ♥!


Eliana mixing the cake batter for her cake. I gave the job to her, but Malachi really wanted to help. :)  

  • Today (Thursday 1.19.12) was a hard day all the way around. I'm so thankful for the extra sleep I got this week or else I would not have been able to cope with the struggles of this day. I will focus on what was good about today, though: 

    • I got an early start on my Sabbath preps (cooked beans that were presoaked, made homemade enchilada sauce, and browned deer burger for Mexican Lasagna) and baked a cake to freeze for Eliana's birthday.

    • We rearranged half of the living room (which means it got deep cleaned!).

    • I organized and washed Bo's toys.

    • The boys did their MFW school on their own and wrote a report to show what they learned (I usually read to them and then we discuss it and only do notebook assignments as scheduled).

    • I had a good talk with the boys about hobbies and how they help build our character (or hinder it).  

    • Bo took a 4 hour nap and then stayed up late, ha ha. But he helped in the kitchen while Luke and I worked and talked. (It was a good talk). 

    • I deep cleaned a corner of the kitchen and refilled bulk food jars while he did dishes (must mop tomorrow!). 

    • I put in our co-op order early in the day so I wouldn't forget. 

Here is what I ordered. (If the total price is $0.00 that means the item did not ship.) This was going to be my extra tidbit for Project Life this week, but I couldn't make it fit. 

I love that I can buy organic apples for 50 cents a pound ~ makes up for the natural sugar @ $1.54 a pound. ;-) I'm excited to get the oat groats as well because the Overnight Oatmeal that I started making last week has been such a blessing in the mornings.

Jordan ~ buried in books? :) 

Eating from our food storage ~ ingredients for pea soup.

  • Prep-day (Friday 1.20.12)

    • I did some shopping for Eliana's birthday. We've always kept birthdays low-key, but for some reason, I am excited for her 5th birthday. I think it is because my little girl is growing up before my very eyes and because her love language is gifts and quality time. I had the hardest time choosing her gifts because I want them to be so special. Anyways, I picked up balloons, party-ware, and wrapping paper and groceries for her "special" dinner. 

    • I fixed Mexican Lasagna for our Erev Shabbat meal and we had a special dinner guest ~ an elderly friend of Luke's from his "lumber yard days" (his family owned a hardware store and lumber yard in Ranchester when we met and married).  Jack is 77 years wise and full of interesting stories. Luke knew that I would enjoy talking to him and he was right. Jordan was smart to stick around the whole evening and had a good talk with Jack. Jordan LOVES talking to old people. And the blessing of that might lead to an adventure that includes a "treasure map." :D I can't wait until summer! 

  • Sabbath (Saturday 1.21.12) 

    • We had church at home.  

    • I did my Weekly Reflection for my Ephesians study.

    • We rested. :) 

Luke reading to the kids. 

I am feeling very overwhelmed at the end of this week. I have so much to do and had less time to actually do it this week. With going to bed early, I actually lost a whole "day!" All those hours I stay up at night add up, but I really needed the extra sleep! 

I wrote my post last week - a little bit each day, but wanted to get my journaling cards done before I posted it! I'm afraid that I won't stay current on my journaling if I don't use this as a source of accountability. Oh, and prints were on sale this week!

Here is my layout:

It was hard to narrow it down. I couldn't decide until I printed, but then it was easy. :)

I really like using the numbers for labeling photographs! I didn't know what they were for until Becky mentioned them in one of her Feedback Tuesday posts on her blog. I'd just been using the arrows, but I like being able to use the numbers, as well. Basically, the clear number goes on the photo and the colored number goes on the journaling card. This leaves me room to squeeze more writing into our week! That itself is a miracle!  In all my years of scrapbooking (15), I've never done this much writing in an album! 

Looking at my layout, I realize that our home school is missing and adds so much to our life! But, I am including tidbits in my writing so that I will be able to connect our family album and our school album. I am also starting to resize artwork to fit right in the album so that when I do get started it will be much easier. I will share how I did this for Another Celebrated Dancing Bear if we ever finish it! 

And I still love keeping Project Life simple. Life is just too full right now for complexity! But, I still LOVE seeing the creativity that flows from other Project Lifers ~  it is a wonderful inspiration!  

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