Grapevine Studies Timeline {Review}

Grapevine Studies is one of our favorite ways to do Bible study! It's colorful, engaging and teaches in a way that is easy to remember - with stick figures! 

Grapevine Studies recently released a new "line" of products - Timelines and Wall Timelines! Timelines are created to be a supplement to Grapevine Bible studies so they use stick figures, words, symbols, and colors in the same way to teach the chronology of the Bible. 

Since we are reading through the New Testament in school, I chose to review the New Testament Timeline Teacher e-book along with the NT Student Wall Timeline. (The Wall Timelines were created to be used in conjunction with the Timeline books).

New Testament Wall Timeline

I printed the NT Wall Timeline on parchment paper because, well, I thought it would look cool! Then I taped it together to make a 10 foot long wall timeline! 

Malachi thinks it is the coolest! He did 5 lessons in one day and then asked to work on his timeline again that afternoon! 

I love that it rolls up like a scroll - makes it feels authentic. ;-) 

We'll unroll it and hang it on the wall when it is completed. 

But for now, a paper towel tube makes a good storage case for it. :-) 


And a spy glass. ;-)

See samples, pricing and more information here: 

Win it!  {Giveaway has ended}

Grapevine has offered my readers a chance to win a Teacher and Student Wall Timeline set - your choice of Old Testament or New Testament!  The winner can have their choice of an e-book or physical copy. Enter on the blog. If you have not visited this post directly, click here to enter! 

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