2012 - 2013 Curriculum {Core A}

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"Box Day"
 I wasn't "ready" to have our box day. It was late in the day, and Eliana, thinking we were ready, cracked open the club soda without me knowing, so I made Italian Cream Sodas (was planning to when I was ready!), got them ready for bed, and let them have their box. I did not take many photos since it was evening (and low light). But, I captured Malachi reading Curious George and Eliana looking at a stack of books while waiting for Curious George. I later found her fast asleep on the chair with the book at her feet. 

Italian Cream Sodas {memory making}

Looking sleepy.

The condition of our "box day" was that they could look at all of the books, as much as they wanted, (well, until they fall asleep!), but then they could not pull the books off the shelf until they were scheduled. There was much excitement over the fact that Curious George is scheduled in Week 2! 

I think they will enjoy ALL the books though. . . we are already off to a great start! And all my lesson plans are done with Sonlight’s complete homeschool curriculum package!

Here's what's in the box. . . and how I set up our year. 

Sonlight Core A - Intro to the World: Cultures


World Cultures and Bible

Language Arts 1 and 2 with Readers


Each week goes into a small "portable" binder with pockets (74 cents each). 

Inside is everything I need for the week:  schedule, notes, study guides. . . 

laminated maps. . . 

Core A book list for reference. . . 

timeline figures for the Book of Time, practical life skills checklist and more. 

The Science binder contains: schedule, notes, activity sheets, cut-outs, and book list. . . all ready to go!

Cores are "stationed" here, and each Core will have weekly binders for the Core, Science, and LA. 

Core A books on the shelf and ready to go! 

Getting Week 1 ready. . . 

In the Sonlight Tote ready to grab and go! 

Science, calendar and anything that requires doing an activity or experiment
is left on the desk to be used at the table. 

I'll update our "school room" {which really isn't a room at all!} this fall for the Not Back-to-School hop, but for now, here are a few changes that I made. . . 

All About Learning Center

The Scholastic Standard Pocket Chart is perfect for housing phonogram and word cards!
Note: you have to prove that you are an educator (simply by providing your school name and info)
to buy from the Teacher Store, but then you can buy from them anytime. 

All About Reading Level 1 for Eliana. 

All About Spelling Level 1 for Eliana, after she completes AAR 1. 

All About Spelling Level 2 with AAR Level 2 reader for Malachi. 

Calendar Center
{Calendar Pocket Chart from Scholastic}

Calendar Days with Story Starters to encourage daily journal writing over the summer. 

2012 - 2012 Curriculum 

Malachi - age 7:

Core A: Intro to the World: Cultures (includes Bible and read-alouds)
Sonlight LA 2 with ETC 4, 5, 6 & AAR/AAS 2
Science A
Math: Singapore 2A/2B
Getty & Dubay Italic Handwriting Book C
Selections from FIAR Vol 3 (when I am inspired or when it comes naturally and easily)

Eliana - age 5:

Core A: Intro to the World: Cultures
AAR 1  (Sonlight LA1 with ETC 1, 2, & 3 and AAS 1 when she is ready)
Science A
Getty & Dubay Italic Handwriting Book A
Singapore Earlybird Math B / Mathletics
Selections from FIAR Vol. 3

Here's to a shiny, new school year full of possibility!