What I Love About You {18 Months}

A Morning in the Life of Bo

I love. . . how you are curious about everything! 

. . .how you are looking like such a big boy. 

. . . how much you understand, though you are not talking much yet.

. . . how you love big trucks and things that make noise

(getting excited about the digger truck and the dump truck

at the Dow St. construction).

. . .you treasure hunting for strawberries. 

. . . you finding some.







. . . those hands. 

. . . those cheeks and lips. 


. . . your fine motor skills at work.



. . . how you scrape the leafy stem off with your thumbnail. 

. . . your love of water. 

. . . you with your big brothers. 

you sleeping so soundly. 

Bo, your life at 18 months is. . . 

  • nursing during the day only

  • which means you are now sleeping through the night! (wish I was, lol)

  • waking up at 7am (unless you wake at 5:30 and then you will sleep in with me until after 8)

  • napping for at least 3 hours (sometimes 4!)

  • strawberry picking 

  • playing in the sprinkler

  • learning activities (like the buttons in a can)

  • doing real life activities, like helping with dishes (playing with the soapy water and dishes!) and preparing foods (you love to sit on the counter by me), you love to "cook" and do big boy things

  • signing (you sign more than you talk) the other day we walked past bike helmets and you signed "hat" and then you told me you wanted a snack by signing "eat," so I bought you a snack. Love how we can "talk!" 

  • big brothers watching you / playing with you so I can get some work done

  • loving on sissy

  • nodding for yes, shaking your head for no or don't know, and understanding more than we know

  • learning so much, growing so fast, blowing me out of the water with how sweet, smart, cute and mine you are!

Love you swee baboo (sweet baby boy)!

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  1. LOVE!

    I adore watching Justin when we go on a blackberry hunt. We tell him "watch for the berries!" and he eagerly watches for them and points the minute he sees them. He can sometimes see them before we can! Then naturally he opens his mouth...Like Bo, he doesn't talk much. Hardly at all. We call him "No Talk". But he makes himself heard and understands everything.

    Thanks for sharing these precious pictures!