Project Life Must Haves

I almost half-way through Project 52 (our life, one week at a time, in twenty-twelve), and inspired by my friend, Sara, I am reevaluating what I am doing and making a list of what is really important to me!

"My plan is to keep Project Life SIMPLE. I need the simplicity that Project Life was designed for. I want my creativity to continue to flow into life, my children and my homeschool and I need to be able to keep up with all the documenting that I do. By keeping Project Life simple, I can." ~ from Week 1

I think I'm meeting my goal to keep my layouts simple, but what about the amount of photos that I take? I need to be more selective and resist the urge to include all of my photos in my album!

My List of Project Life must haves:

  • Birth of a child

  • "My Life" Milestones yearly (more often for babies and tots)

  • Homeschool memories

  • Sports photo with a highlight of the season (by request)

  • Family outings, trips, and Feast days

  • More pictures of me (by request)

Do you have a bare minimum list for documenting your life? Am I missing something important?