Make Way For Ducklings {FI♥AR}

We had a very simple, but enjoyable time rowing Make Way For Ducklings

Here is what we did for. . .

Bible: Gratitude and Not Being Easily Offended

We talked about ways that we can show our gratitude. We ask our children to thank the coach and the refs at each soccer game and I asked if they were doing that. Sometimes they thank them, but they do not hear, so I told them to make sure they have their attention when they do and that they can tell if they heard if they acknowledge them after they thank them. Thanking the coaches and refs is a good practice - both are volunteer positions at our Y.

We talked about how Mr. Mallard was offended that the swan didn't reply which is ridiculous because the swan is not real. But, how often are we offended over silly things like that?

Social Studies: Geography ~ Boston, MA; Map Making

We looked up Boston, MA in Google Maps and traced the route of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard. We found downtown Boston, the Public Garden, Beacon Hill, the Old State House, Louisburg Square, and the Charles River where Mrs. Mallard finds a suitable spot to lay her eggs on a small island. Then we traced their path back to the Public Garden and found the highway, Mount Vernon Street, Beacon Hill, and Beacon Street where they crossed to the Garden. We clicked on real life photos along the way, including Louisburg Square, the Public Garden and the Swan Boats and I printed one for our album.

Then I pulled up a Google Map of our town and had Malachi make a map of our neighborhood. I truly love where we live and his map included all the special places we visit (our house, the Y, the park, the commons, the library, and a friend's house). I love the little details that he included (cars parked at the library, the soccer field, the fountains at the commons).

We had special visitors the week of our row. . .

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Mallard! 

We had just finished reading and doing activities, when the older boys called us to tell us there were ducks in our driveway!  They crossed the street and sat in the grassy area in front of the library parking lot. They visited us all week and even let me get close enough to take a few pictures. 

Language Arts: Vocabulary, Rhyme, Alphabetical Order

The names of the Mallard's ducklings, Jack, Kack, Lack, Mack, Nack, Ouack, Pack, and Quack, not only rhyme, they are in alphabetical order. I printed out the names and had both kids put them in alphabetical order. Then I had them take the letters L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, and T and think of names that rhyme for different animal babies based on the sounds they make. (Fun!)

Science: Waterfowl Conservation, Life Cycle of a Duck, Animal Parenting, Baby Animals and Their Mothers

Art: Caldecott Medal, Medium, Speed Lines, Lines Indicating Water, Shading

Math: Converting Days to Weeks (see below)

FI♥AR Recipe: Our first ever "Boston" Cream Pie (which we learned is really a cake!)

Project FI♥AR

I simplified our row a little too much this time (or else I didn't take as many photos!) ~ I had a hard time filling one layout. So, I reduced some school work to fit in the photo slots (and I either forgot to do narrations or they are on my old computer). 

I think we all still enjoyed this row (how could we not with Boston Cream Pie, right?). I planned to take a field trip to a duck habitat to find the duck boxes we built for Greenwings (for duck conservation), but didn't feel like putting forth the effort.  So, I was happy that the ducks came to us. :) 

Make Way for Ducklings is a Five in a Row selection from Volume 2.

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