Project 52 {Week 25}

Our life.

One week at a time.


Week 25.

June 17th - 23rd.

This week. . .

Waiting for a push. 


At Landon's for a field trip. 

Love this girl. ♥

This boy, too. ♥ He's just like his dad in so many ways. 

Kettle corn at the street fair. 



Lean, mean, climbing machine. :) He made it all the way to the top. 

Summer job.  

Bike wash. :)

(I needed my bike washed so I could attach a kangaroo carrier for Bo - which he LOVES!

Garlic, needing the flowers cut off.  And they are edible! 

Called garlic scapes (I will sauté them in butter, with some onions maybe).

The easiest bread I have ever made! And so beautiful! Crusty {No-Knead} Bread (Did you catch the NO-KNEAD part?

This bread is SO easy and comes out perfect every time!

This loaf is half fresh ground whole wheat and half unbleached, unbromated white wheat and barley flour.

And! the dough is fermented - you mix up four ingredients (flour, salt, yeast and water)

 and let the sticky mass sit on the counter for 12-18 hours.

{This releases the phytates and nutrients so it is easier to digest and better for you!}

It has a pleasant, light sourdough taste to it, and the the crust is crusty  (like a loaf crusty french bread)

because it steams inside the dutch oven - you bake it with the lid on! So good!

{I will print the recipe to put in my album.} 

Pictograph caves - most will be posted on my learning blog, but here are a few. 

Jumping off a rock into Pop's arms. 

Hiking on the trail to the caves. 

Tired, hot and sweaty! It was at least 90 degrees. 

We had Sabbath service in Billings this week - it was an awesome time of learning, fellowship, and food! I started taking notes, but then Bo fell asleep (while nursing) on my right arm and I ended up nursing him the whole service so he would sleep.  The message was titled "Staying Pure in A Sinful World." The boys were excited to see some friends that they met at Pentecost and we were blessed to see a new family attend.

We had a great (productive) week in school as well and I will work on sharing what we are doing soon. I need to write Bo's 18 month W.I.L.A.Y. post tomorrow and hopefully get that posted first!  We also have a birthday coming up in Week 26. . . so will be planning a special meal for a boy who is turning 12! And the boys have Y soccer camp. So, it will be a busy (and hot) one this week! 

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