All Those Secrets of the World {FI♥AR}

"When four-year-old Janie's father goes off to war, the rest of the family moves to the grandparents' on Chesapeake Bay, where Janie learns a secret of the world which helps her understand her father's long absence." ~ All Those Secrets of the World

I can't even tell you the dates that we rowed this, except that it was sometime in May. Our row was a little here and a little there and mostly discussion and reading with only a few hands on activities. I was mostly focusing on finishing up our Sonlight and getting through soccer season. But, I CAN tell you that I am happy to done rowing for now and I will be taking a long break! 

Here is what we did for. . . 

Social Studies: Chesapeake Bay, Family Relationships, Times of War 

We found Chesapeake Bay on a map and reviewed the definition of a bay. 

We talked about what makes a family unit: mother, father, children and sometimes extended family like grandparents or aunts and uncles (like in Milly Molly Mandy, which we had been reading at the time). 

We discussed what it is like during times of war, those who help with the war effort by planting victory gardens, scrap iron drives, victory bonds, women working in factories, etc, and worked on our very own "victory" garden

Language Arts: First Person Point of View, Poetic Form, Comprehension, Foreshadowing, Vocabulary (all from the manual), and Narration 

Science: Beach/Sea Life

We discussed the beach scenes in the book and I printed the Ocean Life Calendar Connections from 1+1+1=1 to use in our calendar (the back of the card contains facts that I read to them).

Art: Detail, Distance Perspective, Military Music, Tuba

Listened to Over There and tuba music on YouTube and did the lessons from the manual.

How Tall is it Really?

One of the secrets of the world is that things look smaller when they are farther away. 

While doing our lesson on perspective, I had Eliana stop and hold out her hand, so I could photograph
Malachi in her hand. When I showed her the picture, she giggled thinking it was so funny! 

FI♥AR Memory Making: "Chesapeake Bay" Pail of Sand Beach Cake

Pudding, cream cheese, and whipped cream filling layered with graham cracker "sand"
and topped with chocolate sea shells! 
All Those Secrets of the World is a Five in a Row selection from Volume 2, our last row of this volume and our last row of  this school year! 

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