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January: Foam Dough

I'm brand new to our dough of the month: foam dough, but after doing a quick search on Pinterest, I quickly discovered a fun looking rainbow foam dough, a foam dough recipe, and a photo tutorial on how to make foam dough. The fun part? It is super easy and requires only 2 main ingredients.

Foam Dough = Shaving Cream + Cornstarch. Then add color to make it pretty!

I would one day love to try this All Natural Homemade Shaving Cream for foam dough. But, this is my first time, so I experimented with shaving cream from the dollar store and I used liquid acrylic paint to color it (was planning to use food coloring, but it went missing when I needed it).

We mixed the shaving cream and paint and then added the cornstarch.

Mixing is messy fun.

In fact, I think the kids had more fun MAKING foam dough then they did playing with it.

If it was too crumbly we added more shaving cream to soften the dough.

Bo had free reign to squirt shaving cream. He loved this and took his job very seriously!

My goal in this sensory dough series is to build language with sensory play and have FUN with Bo, my three year old who has a language delay.

But, I was too caught up in making foam dough that I forgot I was working on building language!  I will share more next month, but thankfully, this type of play naturally lends itself to building language, and this day Bo said two new words: "paint" and "ball."

Speaking of new words, Bo's new words and phrases this week (that I caught) include:

  • heart, toy, plates, bowl, Mali (he's always called him "how how"), ah pool (our pool)

And he started saying 2, 3 and 4 word sentences this week:

  • I see.

  • I otay. (okay)

  • I go, too.

  • I you, too. (I love you, too) ♥

  • I play you.

  • I go with you. (though he uses a /d/ sound for the g in go)

The other day, he was sad and kept saying "pop moon, pop moon" and I couldn't figure out what he was saying until Jordan told me he popped Bo's balloon.

Today, Bo wanted to go with his dad and I told him he'd be in the car all day if he went.  He assured me he was okay with that by saying, "I go cah ah day." So, of course I let him go. That was his first 5 word sentence! :'-)

(I'm sure that I will stop being so detailed, but as I mentioned, this is all still very exciting for me!)

Enhancing Learning

To tie this into our learning, I planned to make a model solar system for astronomy using the foam dough so we made up various colors.

We made an "earth."

And a "sun."

But, while dryer foam dough is crumbly, wetter foam dough does not naturally lend itself to holding it's shape. But, it is fun as a sensory dough. In fact, it has a similar feel and consistency as Kid Concoction's Magic Muck - corn starch and water. It can be formed into a solid, and then it melts into a liquid right in your hands. But, the shaving cream gives foam dough more of a slow flow, rather than a melt.

Do you have a foam dough recipe or project that you'd like to share? Read the guidelines for linking up here, and link up!

We'll see you next month for Cloud Dough!

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