Let's Click: Randomness

Well, as much as I desired to, I didn't stick to a theme this week, haha! I started out wanting to capture homeschooling around the house, but captured much more. I'm really happy I did!

January 12th: I snagged one from Jordan's Facebook. Doesn't he look so handsome? He got a new car ~ a sports car. If you know Jordan, he is a truck guy. I think it was a very practical and well thought out decision... and cool!

January 13th:

  • Doing math with Elli in the kitchen while I make oatmeal pancakes. I am still waiting for Luke to bring me the Y's oatmeal pancake recipe, so I just googled a recipe for leftover oatmeal pancakes.

  • We jumped back into All About Reading after taking some time off and Elli is doing fabulous! She really needed some time to mature and I feel good about giving her that time.

  • Bo started preschool today.

  • Dylan worked hard on his science to catch up on Science experiments (after slacking a little). He is making an electromagnet.

  • And we made up a recipe for edible cloud dough for next month's sensory dough.

We had a really productive day, today!

January 14th: Day 2 of Bo's preschool. And Day 2 of me following a schedule! I'm feeling real productive, but my mornings are very full.

January 15th: Day 3 of Bo's preschool and use of technology in our homeschool.

January 16th: Elli is in Rimbusters Basketball at The Y.  She and a good homeschool friend both signed up so they could play together.

January 17th: Groceries from Costco means a new bag of blueberries. I told Bo he had blueberries all over his face, and he "wipes" them off and goes about his play.  Then I invite him to do an edible activity for preschool.

January 18th:

  • Elli got a birthday package in the mail from Mema and Poppy. She was very excited.

  • I found a little note that Elli made for Mali saying, "Bruthrs r the best." So sweet!

  • My Trim Healthy Mama book came this week! I got tired of waiting for it to come back to Amazon, so I ordered it from the THM website. I am eating healthier, feeling great, and losing weight! I didn't take any food pics this week, since many recipes are my first attempt, but I made The Shrinker enough times to take a pic!  I am not using Oolong tea because I am sensitive to caffeine, so I am using Organic Ginger Aid  ~ an herbal tea (aff link). The recipe is in the files of the THM Facebook group, but it has tea, almond milk, stevia, cinnamon, vanilla, and cayenne. I'd like to order some organic decaf green tea to see if I can tolerate it, but I think the Ginger Aid is a good choice considering it aids digestion. (That has to be good for weight loss, right?).  I have less than 8 pounds to go until my pre-Bo weight, and 20 pounds until my first goal weight. But, for the first time, I feel like I can really do this {and enjoy it!}.

This coming week will be a busy week for me as I am participating in a 5 day blog hop.  I will be sharing my take on homeschooling essentials. I hope you will join me!