Let's Click: Week 2

This is week, all my photos are taken at the dining room table. 

January 6th: Oatmeal for breakfast. Bo loves brown sugar and doesn't know how much is too much. In fact, all my kids have always thought "too much" was a good thing. Instead of saying it's not enough, my little ones are known for saying, "It's not too much!"  when I stop. I filled that little jar full and by the end of breakfast it was gone. Next time, I'll use a smaller jar. ;-) Later in the day, we made Foam Sensory Dough. Although cold and snowy out, it was a wonderfully sunny day today and that always motivates me to do a fun project with the kids.

January 7th: I made baking soda clay for another Astronomy project. I'm determined to get caught up on some little projects that keep us from moving forward. With this project, we finally finished Lesson 1.

January 8th: I am out of Fermented Cod Liver Oil, boo hoo. So, I've been doubling up on the High Vitamin Butter Oil. I soften 2 tsp. in a little cup and stir in unsweetened applesauce.

January 9th: Pancake Breakfast. Elli made pancakes this morning. Once this bag is gone, it will be homemade oatmeal pancakes from now on. I have to get myself off white flour and sugar again.

January 10th: Eliana playing at the table with cars and her Squinkies. She is taking the Squinkies for a car ride. She turns 7 this month and wants a "Squinkie" birthday. I found some on clearance at Target and I got a Zinkie Flower Pot on clearance at ToysRUs.  She will be so excited! (Aff links)