Let's Click: The New Year

January 1, 2014: I enjoyed watching "the boys"  have a snowball fight. It was a beautiful day so I peeked my head outside to take a few pictures.  (I get cold easily so I like to stay where it is warm!).

And this guy. . .  showing me how tough he is and that he is ready to take Pop on again - any time, any place.

Bo needs 4 wheel drive in this snow.

January 4th: Today, I worked on my Project Life while the little ones built forts in my bedroom. We've had a lot of forts being built around the house this past week. This one was a simple fort that Elli made for her and Bo. She made a little nest of pillows and hung a fitted sheet from the knobs on my dresser. They played peek-a-boo with me while I worked on my Project Life.  I loooove Bo's "sign" to take a picture.

Just a peek into what's clicking around here!

(I know this is a 365 project, but I'd like to share what I think will make it into my Project Life album, along with dates and a little caption to help me with my journaling later.)

I later found a few iPhone shots that I thought were worth sharing.

Movie night - watching Despicable Me 2. 1/1/14

Hanging with the big boys. 1/3/14