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Project Life 2013: Bath Time for Bo

This is a favorite spread of mine because I am using a 12x12 photo for the first time.

And I'm a fan.

I didn't feel the need to journal on this spread, so I let the title cards speak for themselves. Though, I should go in and add something about Snuggle Puppy. (Aff link) A dear friend gave that to me for Bo and he brought it to me to sing to him for a long time. It is a sweet love song to sing to your little one.  And could be the reason why Bo loves his "woos" (puppies) so much.

The "you" is an Ali Edwards Stamp from her Hello Life Boxes Brushes and Stamps No. 03 set.

This is my first spread in my album, after my title page. Bo just turned 2 here, so I wanted to capture more of his little life to remember.

I didn't share much of my life in 2013. My goal in doing this Project Life share is to not only to share more of our life behind the blog, but also as a motivation to work on my Project Life!

My Title Page:

Tip: Amazon carries Project Life, and you are welcome to use my affiliate links, but I no longer buy all my Project Life from Amazon now that Michaels and Hobby Lobby carries it. Hobby Lobby has a weekly 40% off coupon to use on one product, and Michaels has a weekly 50% off coupon for another. So between them both, I get my Project Life at a marked discount. I use my iPhone to pull up the coupon and show them my phone when I check out. Last time I was in Michaels the albums were 50% off, so I bought the Midnight album and used the coupon to buy the Midnight edition core kit .


  1. Thanks for all your project life posts. I can use all ideas and tips. This is my first year doing it.
    I have to do my project life album all the way to year 2007. 6 years behind. wow...
    We are also planning on doing BFIAR this year with my 6 and 4 and a tot. I planned on doing the lapjournal and project life for the pictures. Its going to be fun and you are my first resource.
    Where did you get the cardstock that you used for BFIAR?

  2. Double "awwww" on Snuggle Puppy;)
    I just bought Project Life Cinnamon from Home Shopping Network that was having a sale...I hope I can keep up with you:)
    Like how you were able to take Bo's picture and have it piece by piece.

    If I were a blogger I would write that today was Space Monkey Day at our house. A plastic Martinelli Juice apple is the right size for a beanie baby monkey to become a space monkey:) And we found out the real space monkey "Ham" was a chimp:)

    Tell Eliana that Sophia says HI:)

  3. Cute pages! Love the giant puzzle page in all the pockets.

  4. When I first started, I was 4 years behind. It felt very overwhelming too, but I was able to get my pictures in an album (2 years worth) in a weekend! It felt great just to have them in an album. Took me longer to do the journaling, but it came along in time.

    Yay for doing B4FIAR! I get my card stock at W@lmart.

  5. Thanks again, Heather!

    So excited that you bought a kit! You will whip it out, I'm sure! Wish I could be a bug on the wall in your house this week! So cool! We are doing Astronomy this semester!

    Eliana says, "Hi Sophia!" {I need to have her write her soon!}

  6. Thank you! And yay! I got a free week already! I don't want to start it until I can sit down and do some serious work!

  7. I love this spread! I have loaded up at Michael's when they had an All-PL 40% off sale! I'm sad that my Michael's doesn't have the beautiful new core kits :( I have the 5th and Frolic for my daughter and Jade for my son :) But I love Midnight -- haha wish I could buy them all!