Let's Click: Elli's Birthday Week

January 19th: I pretty much blogged all day (ok, all week) for the blog hop this week, which meant extra time for the kids to play and be creative. A birthday this week meant extra boxes and the kids put them to good use making all sort of things. Elli asked me to take a picture of this one (which I think was a backdrop for a play they were putting on). They also made a vending machine where you can put in money, pull a handle and reach in the dispenser and pull out a prize.

January 20th: My breakfast: Greek yogurt and frozen berries Trim Healthy Mama style (unsweetened 0% Greek yogurt, sweetened with Truvia).  The kids wanted some too. The berries freeze the yogurt and it's... well, like frozen yogurt. :)

It was also Jordan's first day of college classes. He looked so handsome and so smart that I asked for a picture. It was a little bright out, so not the best pic.

January 21st: Mali and Bo got hair cuts.  I used to cut their hair myself, but I take them to the beauty school to save money now.  After my slip up last spring where I buzzed Bo bald in the front (thinking I had the guard on), I'm still a little gun shy.

After hair cuts and a shopping trip for last minute birthday supplies and groceries, we lost track of time in W@lmart and were 10 minutes late for Bo's speech therapy. But, I had my camera with me, so I asked to take pics of the speech room. This room is simply amazing and a lot of fun. I'm so happy that Bo gets to learn in this environment.

We sat for 45 minutes today while we waited, all the time hoping the ice cream wouldn't melt thanks to some lovely sunny weather today.

Later that night, I wrapped Elli's hair in rag curlers. We did this last year and she asked me to do it again. I was tired, but she brought me the spray bottle and a brush and we sat in my bed while I wrapped her hair in the pieces of cloth.

January 22nd: Elli's 7th birthday. I took over a hundred photos and will do a spread with inserts for my Project Life, but chose a few favorites to share here. The first is a new stuffed bunny rabbit to replace her beloved "Rabbie" that she lost. She is always pulling out our album from 2012 to see it, and I'd been looking for one similar. The look on her face in this photo was worth the search!

Also, she is wearing her "birthday dress." She's worn it on her birthday since she was 5 (although she stayed in her piggie pjs all day last year), but this will be her last year before she outgrows it, so she wanted to wear it.

Playing Squinkies. She kept saying over and over how this was the best day ever. The next day, she got to rollerblade to the park in her new rollerblades and when she came home, she said that day was her best day. So happy that everyday can be the best day in her little eyes. :)

Dylan took the following shot. He told us to do this trick he learned while having his photo taken professionally with his dad - after every two or three clicks of the camera, you lick your lips and then smile again - that way your smile looks natural and not like you've been holding it for.ever. He had us laughing at the end. This is his favorite, so I chose it to share.

Bo had a fever all day. He slept on the couch next to me, but when I got up he'd fall off the couch, so I brought his toddler bed into the living room so he wouldn't fall off.  He had a fever all day and if I said, "Bo, you're sick," he'd say, "No. I'm not." I'd say, "You have a fever. You're hot," and he'd feel his little head and insist that despite that fact, he was not sick. Maybe he was cutting a new tooth. I don't know. But, we are all fighting colds now (the Sunday after).

January 23rd: Eating birthday cake. Elli had 2 friends over to play for her birthday and the girls decorated cupcake cones so we didn't even have her giant cupcake that I made for her birthday cake... until the next day.

I did a photo shoot for my final post for the blog hop and forgot many photos that I wanted to share. Just as well, cuz I can use one of them here! These are my school albums in progress.

January 24th: I worked on that post all morning and pulled out my old IGs to take a pic. I think this drawing  of Dylan at age 5 is just the sweetest. It makes me wish I could see his sweet face with the drawing and I intend to do more of that with my little ones.

January 25th: The only pic I took today was a screen shot I took at church of my daily reading spot in my YouVersion Bible app. I was at 1 Timothy 4, but I'm pretty sure I fell asleep during my listening, so I will have to back up a few chapters tonight. Our sermon was on Psalm 15, so I took a screen shot of that to share for today.

I was sooo tired when we got home. Just plain worn out from traveling, late nights, and a busy week online and off. And now I'm sick. Ack!