Conversational Favorites {52 Lists}

52 lists with Chasing Slow

An easy and fun get-to-know-you list this week at Beauty Full Slow.

  • Color - light - all the colors of the rainbow  
  • Season - the changing of seasons
  • Holiday - Feast of Tabernacles
  • Bible verse - not a verse, but the story of Joesph when he finally reveals himself to his brothers in Genesis 45 makes me cry every time I read it. 
  • Flower - wild daisies in a field of green

Either / Or
  • Bath or Shower - hot bath
  • Coffee, Tea or Cocoa - hot cocoa (but also I love a cup of organic water processed decaf, herbal chai, or iced rooibos tea)
  • Mountains or Beach - mountains
  • Vintage or Modern - vintage look, modern technology 
  • Movie or Book - book, then movie
  • Store Bought or Handmade - handmade 
  • Meats or Veggies or both - both
  • Homebody or Social Butterfly - homebody
  • Creature of Habit or Spur of the Moment - spur of the moment
  • Picnic or Restaurant - picnic on a sunny day 

Are you more...?

I play a game with my kids like Either/Or that we call "Are you more...?" I use this conversational starter often as an icebreaker with my daughter because she is shy. If she meets an extroverted girl, she can be pulled in easily to a friendship, but if she meets another shy girl, they won't talk without help.

For example, are you more...
  • cherry or blueberry? 
  • sour or sweet? 
  • ice cream or cake
  • chocolate or vanilla? 

I get them started with a few and then have them take turns and they are soon fast friends. :-) 


  1. I like your "Are you more...?" game. I'm going to have to remember that for when my little gets better at talking. (He's such a passive little guy, I think he's going to need some help like that too.)

  2. What a fun list!
    Blessings, Dawn

  3. I love your choice of rainbow and light! ..and I love you are spur of the moment! --Vintage look, Modern technology- ::YES, please!:: Joseph's story is so touching. He was an example of forgiving his brothers.

    "Are you more...?" game is cute!

    cherry or blueberry? hmmm...probably cherry
    sour or sweet? sour
    ice cream or cake? -- cheesecake frozen yogurt!
    chocolate or vanilla? dark chocolate

  4. I like your "Are you more..?" game. I'd answer blueberry, sweet, ice cream and vanilla. Nice to meet you :)

  5. What a cute game idea! I love that.

  6. I might try that game to get the boys talking at dinner. Thanks!