Plum Creek - Week 2 {Prairie Primer}

Welcome to Week 2 of Plum Creek! If you missed Week 1, catch it here

We studied leeches, explored creatures in a small creek, read about blue herons, made a button string, made star light catchers, and had a country party! 

 See what we are using and resources we use for more details!

Books in our book basket:

Day 1: Spring Freshet and The Footbridge

Day 2: The Wonderful House, Moving In, The Old Crab, and the Bloodsuckers

(We made our star light catchers wrong - we were supposed to cut out the star and leave the outline so it "catches the light".)

Day 3: The Fish-Trap, School, and Nellie Olson

We added the Handbook of Nature Study to our book basket - so wish I would have thought of it sooner!

We visited a creek to study leeches. We have found them in pools of bigger creeks (accidentally while wading - to be discovered later at home in the bath!) so I didn't let my kiddos wade in the creek. We took a white bucket to scoop water to find water bugs, leeches, and other creatures. 

Little tiny bloodsuckers

Day 4: The Party and Country Party 

We picked a big bouquet of wild flowers for our country party and when we got home, they looked like this:

They were so pretty when we picked them! But I left them on the table and the next morning, more little buds had opened up and we had a pretty bouquet.  I was so happy! :) 

I had planned to make Vanity Cakes and fill them with cream (aka cream puffs!), since they were basically cream puffs (hollow in the center) as I saw so many fails on the Vanity Cake recipe, but I ended up buying a box instead (just too much summer going on to make the effort!).

This was just after Elli's bike crash (her second one). Nathan took off on her bike so she got on my mountain bike to chase after him, twisted the handlebars too much while turning, and fell and hit her chin on a rock. I will often use butterfly bandages or liquid bandaids to treat wounds, but I didn't want to touch this one - I cleaned it out and took her to Urgent Care for stitches. 

This was her 2nd bike crash landing on her face. Her last one ended up with an emergency trip to the dentist to remove gravel embedded in her gums, poor girl.

See you soon for Week 3!


  1. ((((hugs)))) to poor Elli. It's heartbreaking when our children hurt.

    This post is so full of the abundant beauty in your homeschool days! Rainbow colors - wildflowers and nature, and the discovery through books. I love everything about it. ....well, I could do without the bloodsuckers :) ha!

    1. Thank you! Thankfully she has healed and the scar is fading (and under her chin). :) And I could do without the bloodsuckers too, haha. My kids used to love swimming in the creek that runs through town, but no way after seeing them in the bath tub like I did when we first discovered them, ew!