Week in the Life of All About Reading 1 {Day 3}

Welcome to another day in the life of All About Reading Level 1 Second Edition!

Today's lesson is on the letter u and the second sound of s.

We start with a review of letter sounds. I add a quick comment that /c and /g are two sounds that Bo has been working on for 9 months in speech therapy at home. When Bo graduated speech therapy, he could say the sounds, but they were not automatic. He was so used to saying /d for /g and /t for /k that it has taken him some time and consistent reminders to say them automatically.

Afterward reviewing phonogram cards, we review leap words and introduce our new sounds (short sound of u and the second sound of s, which is /z).  We learn the words "us," "is" and "has" and then play change the word with words containing the letter u. After that, we play phonogram bingo, do our word cards, and finish the first half of the lesson.

After lunch, we made a sugar cookie dump cake for our row of Mike Mulligan.

Then Bo did an online drill for Math U See to review all of his basic addition facts. 

After math, we came back to our reading lesson. 

Normally, I would not do the Practice Sheet (fluency sheet) the same day as the lesson, but I wanted to see if he could do it if we made it a game. Looking back, I wished I hadn't because I want to always encourage a love of learning. He says "can't" a few times, but I encourage him on. Then he didn't want to do the phrases (I put them in cubes to "roll a phrase" to make it fun, but I think it would have been more fun the next day). Then he didn't think he could do the sentences, but he read them at my encouragement. He also kept saying "mig of pop" instead of "mug of pop" lol. He got a little silly towards the end of the video (he could see himself the whole time and it was a bit distracting at times). 

This video is 8:14. 

I make a note to myself to just review words cards the next day. You can see how much better he is getting at the words with the short sound of u in such a short time, but sometimes time is our best ally when teaching - taking the time and giving them time. 

I know I tend to overanalyze everything, but I was not feeling comfortable with how hard I pushed him, so I made sure to celebrate with him to keep it a positive experience. All that hard work earned him a trip to get frozen custard later this evening! 

However, when we did our practice sheets this week (Lessons 13 and 14), he moved through them much more quickly and fluently, so it may have boosted his confidence. Even so, I plan to stick to the pace of two lessons per week. At this pace, Level 1 could be finished in less than 27 weeks, so we have much flexibility to slow down or speed up as Bo progresses in skill and fluency. 

Moving on, I finish up writing Eliana (she wrote a rough draft on sea stars from her keyword outline for IEW Student Writing Intensive A). 

I fold the margin of the paper over so she won't try to squish just one more word onto a line. :) 

Bo has Little Kickers (kindergarten) soccer M, W, and F, hence the tie-dye soccer t-shirt he wears almost daily! I think I made him take it off one day so I would know which day was which on the video, haha). Malachi is a Little Kickers assistant coach, so he takes Bo to all his practices/games. They are only a very short distance away, but I still have Malachi text me from my husband's phone when they get there.

These next photos are from earlier this month, but this gives you a peek at what goes on at Little Kickers. I love seeing my two youngest boys working together. I especially love seeing Malachi work with all the younger kids. He's growing up so fast. 

If you missed Day 1 or Day 2, check them out to see our week in action. If you haven't seen my review, please check it out to see general product information, what you need to teach Level 1, what's new in Second Edition, what to expect, my thoughts, and more! 


  1. Hi! Catching up with you here! Looks good! Belated Happy Trumpets! Have good Atonement and FoT!
    Greetings from the kids. (Sophia does IEW with our CC co-op so we know about KWOs It is definitely easier the second year!).

    1. Hi Heather! Thank you!! Eliana was just asking about you guys the other day wondering when you would be back to Big Fork! :) It's good to hear from you! ♥

      I'm so falling in love with IEW! So glad I finally went for it after years of shying away. :) Glad to know it is easier the second year ~ we're loving it now! :)