Week in the Life of All About Reading 1 {Day 2}

I'm back to share another day in the life of All About Reading Level 1 Second Edition.

Today, we are on Lesson 11. First, we review Phonogram Cards and Word Cards. Our New Teaching today is Story 1: "Jan Did It." In the first half of this lesson, Bo will make a visual chore chart with chore cards from the activity book, read the Warm-Up Sheet for the story, and learn new vocabulary such as what an Irish Jig is! This is perfect because we are rowing Mike Mulligan, who is Irish, and we will be making an Irish Stew this week. :)

Story 2 is "The Job." After reading the Warm Up Sheet, I pointed out the picture of the drive-in restaurant and explained what that is and that it is the setting for our next story. Then I explained what a setting is. I tied it into our row by asking Bo what the setting is for Mike Mulligan. We had actually covered this last week for our lesson on the elements of a good story, but it didn't click right away. Plus, I had the video facing Bo, so he was a little distracted by seeing himself at times. :)

After reading, I had him listen to Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel by Maestro Classics and follow along with the book so I could do reading with Eliana.

I'll include a video of her lesson, which is Level 4, Lesson 4, since it is relevant. Eliana started with Pre-Reading and is on the final level of All About Reading, which is pretty exciting! For the record, our lesson was a little unconventional since I had a camera in my hand, which is not usually the case. I normally look up words she does not know on the fluency sheets before moving on in the lesson. I've done this with her ever since Level 1 to make sure she understands the words she is reading.  In the following video, I look up the words while she is working on her activity sheet, but I normally look them up before moving on. 

Lesson 4 is on words with 2 suffixes. I introduce the suffixes and then start videoing when she reads the word flippers. (Bo has headphones on, but we can hear his music at times). :) 

After Bo finished listening to Mike Mulligan, we did an art lesson on drawing Trees. 

Malachi is working on his Math U See on my computer. We have a new USB DVD player so he can now watch DVDs on the old computer. (Yay!)

Malachi has several independent subjects he can work on while I do school with Elli and Bo. He also loves documentaries, so when he is done with his independent learning, he can watch one while waiting if he wants. Malachi is my first graduate from All About Reading having completed Levels 1-4 by the end of 4th grade. He is now on All About Spelling Level 6 and doing quite well. 

Tonight, Mali and Elli have soccer games. My husband is a sports programmer for the YMCA, so the kids play in all his sports. He loves having them and we currently live within a short walking distance to the fields, so it is rather nice to send the kids over for practice. I enjoy the quiet time! and walk over for games once a week. My husband coaches Elli's team and refs many of Malachi's games, so one of us is always there, and that is nice, too. 

Bedtime reading continues with The Adventures of Bobby Raccoon, but Bo also sits in with Mali and Elli when I read By the Shores of Silver Lake.

See you tomorrow for Lesson 12!

If you missed Day 1, check it out here. If you haven't seen my review, please check it out to see general product information, what you need to teach Level 1, what's new in Second Edition, what to expect, my thoughts, and more!


  1. I'm so happy to see you back. I hope you had a wonderfully restful summer!

    1. Thank you, Abby! I'm happy to be back! I'm still adjusting to making time for everything, but I'm going to give it an honest go. :) I'm missing our email chats, I hope all is well and that your trip went well!