Week in the Life of All About Reading 1 {Day 4}

Welcome to our last day in our week in the life of All About Reading Level 1 Second Edition!

We do reading 4 days a week, so today is our last day of reading this week.

As I mentioned yesterday, I was feeling bad that I pushed Bo through the Practice Sheet, so I purposed to slow down today and make it fun and easy.

We did a very simple review and played a reading game with Ziggy to make up for it. :) In this game, Bo is helping Ziggy teach the sheep how to read! I thought this was genius. In the video, Bo sounds out each phonogram and Ziggy reads the word. Then Bo tells him if it was correct. I stumped him on "mug" (he sounds out m-u-g, but then Ziggy reads it "mig" and Bo says it's right.). However, I spelled it on the board today and he got it right. :)

I know now that when Bo says "can't" he may need some encouragement or a reward to motivate him. As I mentioned yesterday, challenging Bo turned out to be a good thing. It boosted his confidence. Yesterday, he read his first 4 letter word and he was so pleased! He first thought "can't" when he saw that 4 letter word, until I told him it was only 3 phonograms. (The word was quit). His face lit up, and he understood. :) 

I hope this has given you an idea of what All About Reading looks like in our home! But, just so you know, I always feel free to adapt for Bo. For example, during Lesson 17 today (the day I am posting this), Bo asked if he could read the stories in the book without reading the practice sheet. I  said we could give it a go, but I read the practice sheet to him and had him follow along as a compromise. He did great and didn't miss any words. The wonderful thing about All About Reading is there is plenty of practice, but if your child doesn't need the practice, you are welcome to move on. 

If you missed Day 1, Day 2, or Day 3 check them out to see our week in action. If you haven't seen my review, please check it out to see general product information, what you need to teach Level 1, what's new in Second Edition, what to expect, my thoughts, and more.


  1. What an enjoyable week! I've loved the peek into your home and days of learning. You are always so creative in your teaching :) It doesn't come so naturally and easy for me.

    I'm sure that your row of Mike Mulligan will be fun to read. I remember it fondly!

  2. Good job Bo! My son still isn't ready for AAR1 so we're working on blending games for now.

  3. Thank you! I think creativity comes from necessity and having boys! :)

    And blending games are perfect. If he is blending though, he should be ready for AAR1 if you take it slow and incorporate lots of games. :)