Plum Creek - Week 4 {Prairie Primer}

Welcome to our final week on the banks of Plum Creek!  See what we are using and books and resources we use for more details!

This week we studied beavers, looked at quilt patterns, and made a nine-patch quilt square. 

Day 1: Keeping House and Prairie Winter

We did a lesson on Perspective/Point of View where we "rewrote" a story from a different perspective by imagining how that person would feel and act.

We studied beavers. I pulled up these pics from our nature walk last summer - I would have loved to go back to see if we can learn more about beavers first hand.

Instead, we watched a documentary on Beavers called Leave it to Beavers - very interesting. If we had water year round, and if I could bring a beaver to our land in Montana, I would.

We looked at quilt patterns.

Then Eliana sewed a 9 patch quilt square and made a pillow.

Day 2: The Long Blizzard and The Day of Games; Day 3: The Third Day, The Fourth Day, Christmas Eve; Day 4: Walnut Grove and the Banks of Plum Creek, Little Hotel in the Village, World of Little House - On the Banks of Plum Creek

We mostly focused on finishing the book (which includes reading the chapters and discussion). It was a very easy week as I was ready to wrap up Plum Creek. It took us way too long to finish and we will enjoy a nice long break before we start up again in September.

The kids played "Plum Creek" with Playmobil.

Read aloud with Bo.

Catching the wind on a windy day at our place in Montana.

A visit to Piney Creek in Wyoming.

This takes us to the end of Plum Creek!

We took a nice long break after this and started back with By the Shores of Silver Lake mid September.


  1. I've always been intrigued by beavers. The nine patch pillow is beautifully handmade :) We made something similar this week, too.

    Love catching wind, too! I may just borrow that idea :)

    1. The kids remembered catching the wind when we rowed Storm in the Night! :) We had a really windy day and Elli ran inside to grab the garbage bags. ♥ I was thinking of rowing it with Bo this month, but then Cranberry Thanksgiving calls my heart too. I hope you will share what you made!

  2. Every time I read your posts I wish I lived closer so I could come hang out with you on all that pretty land and have all that fun too :)