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Friday, April 22nd | Week in the Life 2017

I still don't feel well. What a hard week this has been! I almost quit this project. But, alas, I have as many screen shots as photos, LOL. 

I helped the boys do their laundry this morning. Michelangelo found a load ready to be folded on the chair in my room and curled up for a nap. 

The water pressure in the kitchen is worse since the plumber came, so I emptied a 5 gallon bucket to fill water from the bathtub for the kitchen sink. I filled the sink full of hot soapy water to use while cooking, for washing counters, and for doing dishes. 

We finished the last chapter of Farmer Boy today. We have a list of things we want to do with the book, but we will do them over the summer (or when I feel better!).  

I checked into the Crew forum to take a closer look at the most recent VIF. A VIF is a Vendor Information Form and every crew member has to fill it out for every product up for review. The vendor is Hewitt Homeschooling, so I check out the elementary and junior high catalog and take a closer look at Seventh Grade Lightning Literature and Comp for Malachi. I have the book that I will need for the review period - The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. I pulled up the teacher and student guide sample and read the introduction to Tom Sawyer, went over the vocabulary words and comprehension questions, and then took a look at the writing assignments for that unit with Malachi. 

I do not have anything planned for Sabbath meals yet, so while the kids were at the Y for soccer and playing with friends, I picked up three thin crust take and bake pizzas and a pan of bread sticks from Papa Murphy's. I was only going to buy the pizzas, but a nice lady in the store told me how good the bread sticks were after she saw me eye them. I went over to look at them again, looked in my purse and found $2 (the breadsticks were $4). I looked at them again trying to decide if I wanted to use my credit card to buy them, when she grabbed a pan of breadsticks and asked the lady behind the counter to ring them up for me. Then she paid for them! I told her I was just trying to decide if I really wanted them and had the money to pay for them (albeit not in my purse, but I could have used my card). She insisted and told me to pay it forward. ♥ In many ways, I already have. I pay for things for people all the time (once a full cart of things at Walmart), so it was nice to have someone be so nice to me. And she was right. They were good! Everyone liked them.

After my stop to get pizza, I stopped at Ridley's to buy dessert. I picked up a tub of Tilamook chocolate ice cream and a bag of chocolate chips to make brownies. My husband texted me and asked me to buy him two chicken thighs from the deli to eat before he heads up to the high school. He has a 2nd job in the spring as a soccer ref for the high school. It's more time away from his family, but it pays $50 an hour. He ref'ed two games and was home at sunset.

Elli and I cooked a pizza at 3:30 because we were so hungry. When the boys came home at 5:15, we cooked another pizza. I saved the last pizza for my husband and Dylan, but by then we all wanted pizza again, LOL. (I love thin crust, and since I am not even supposed to have wheat, I went for the it, but it was not as filling). I took a pic of the pizza, but it did not look as good as it tasted so I did not use the photo.

I was tired, so Eliana made a grated beet salad to go with the pizza. She made the Magenta Salad from the THM cookbook. It was good, but I think we both prefer my regular beat salad (which uses sliced cooked beats with an olive oil and apple cider vinegar dressing with salt and pepper).

I ordered the spiral binder today. I got this coil binding machine, and several different sized spirals (affiliate links). I will be able to bind 300 books! 😂 I'm so excited! (The only reason I got the machine with the electric coil inserter was because it was cheaper than the non-electric when I purchased it).

I finished Module 2 of Homeschool Rescue - a course (for me) that I am taking to review for the Crew. This means I am half way through the six week course.

I took a peek at the weather and took a screen shot since I struggled to get my 8-9 photos taken again today.

I stayed up late with my husband since he does not do his school work on Friday nights. When I went to bed, Malachi was still up at 11pm reading Tom Sawyer.


  1. Are you pregnant? :) I thought I might have missed an announcement and with you not feeling well or being tired it made me think maybe you were. Love your check ins and pics always. I hope your family has a wonderful weekend.

  2. I don't think so. I think I have classic side effects of methlyfolate, some of which are insomnia, sore muscles, achy joints, rash, nausea, headaches, and migraines. When I first started the protocol (for MTHFR), I had a honeymoon period when I started the protocol, and I felt really great, but then I began to feel terrible. There are things I can do (like epsom salt baths and other supplements) to make me feel better - I just need to figure out what will work for me.

    I can see why you may have thought that though! :)

    Thank you for reading!

  3. Normally I never would feel comfortable asking that question :) I've never heard of MTHFR and wasn't familiar with it at all. I hope you start to feel better and btw we are doing Prairie Primer this coming year as well. I'm excited!
    P.S. Thanks for visiting

  4. Well I enjoyed reading about your week. Even if it was a quiet one for your family.
    When we see you this fall, remind me to make you my sweet beet salad. I obsess over it for a few weeks every harvest and I would love to share it with you.
    Blessing to your family. Prayers for healing and detoxing to complete wellness.