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Thursday, April 20th | Week in the Life 2017

I woke up to Michelangelo, the cat, laying on top of me. I shut my door one day this week so he wouldn't wake me up, and when I got up to go to the bathroom, he was sleeping next to my door, bless his heart. ♥

I feel terrible again today. I pretty much stayed in bed ALL day. But, I washed a load of whites since we were out of dish cloths and kitchen towels. 

Since I stayed in bed, I had a pile of school books on my bed at all times. So thankful for a king sized bed! We read a couple chapters of Farmer Boy. Elli is reading along in the chapter as she listens with Buttercup in her lap. 

Malachi found my stash of books for our world culture study. He is reading Snow Treasure. Oh well, I will have plenty of books for him to read as we travel around the world. He had to put a book mark in his book to listen to Farmer Boy. 

Dylan came in to use my computer to set up his Apple Music account. 

A new Crew item arrived today - Prima Latina. We also had a new item come up for review, but I will look at that more tomorrow. 

The plumber came today. Our kitchen faucet has very little water pressure, but he needs to order a new valve. 

Since I had to get out of bed and dressed for the plumber, I ran over to the UPS Store with Bo while the older kids were at soccer. I had a file box of 16 books to have spiral bound, but they raised their prices and wanted to charge me $60 to have them bound. I took my books home unbound and looked on Amazon to see how much a spiral binder was. Then I looked to see how much my next affiliate payment would be to see if I could afford one and see that I have $73.39, which will almost pay for the machine, or half of the total including the spirals. I wait to order until I can talk to my husband that night since I don't currently have any money budgeted for homeschool. ( I need to sell more curriculum!)

Today was another late night for my husband. Soccer season is his busiest season. He reminds me tonight that we only have 3 more weeks left. When he comes home late, he helps get the kids to bed if they are not already in bed, and then sits and talks with me before eating dinner. I always tell him to go eat, but he knows I won't be awake for long. ♥ He tells me I should go for the spiral binder. :) 

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  1. Goodness gracious you are a busy mama even on the days you think you dont do much!