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Tuesday, April 18th | Week in the Life 2017

So, when I came down in the morning, I glanced out the back window as I always do, and lo an behold, there was a strange bike in our backyard. Was it that guy's bike? Did he dump his because it wasn't working? It was a nice bike, but it was missing the chain. No wonder he was complaining about the bike's poor performance. 😂 Did he think my bike was his bike or was he ditching his for mine? But why would he leave his bike in our backyard? It's not easy to get a bike through the back gate (which was why my bike was parked outside the gate next to the house). Did he hit his head trying? (He was holding his head as if he bumped it). I will never know, but I called the police, and they sent someone to pick it up.

Today is a school day. Our year is winding down, so the kids only have a few subjects left. I have a unit study coming up for a Crew review, so I wanted to finish up our last unit in Prairie Primer - Farmer Boy. We started listening last week in the car on a trip.

I was still dizzy and not feeling energetic at all, so I stayed in bed most of today. The kids came to me when they needed help with their school, and we listened to Farmer Boy on audio. Malachi rubbed lotion on my feet. ♥

I usually need a day to recover from a migraine, but I also had flu like symptoms today from detoxing. I was out of epsom salts, but I remembered my bottle of magnesium oil, so I dumped about 2 ounces into the tub to get my soak in. (I have to take at least 3 epsom salt baths a week to help my body detox because of the MTHFR).

After my bath, I was wanting something sweet, but healthy, so I made Treeses (Trim Reeses), but instead of skinny chocolate, I used semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Kwik Stix came today (for review), so I let the kids try them out.

We adopted a second cat this past fall. His name is Michelangelo, and he is supposed to be the boys' cat (we took him from a friend of Malachi's that moved away), but he has taken a liking to me. I have purposely not given him a lot of attention, hoping he would bond with the boys (Elli has her own cat), but I started giving him attention and now I'm his. Sigh. Both our cats are good little mousers which is nice because we have chickens. (The cats love to hunt for mice in the chicken coop!). The little boy we adopted him from wants us to send him a video, so I am trying to take video throughout the week so it is interesting.

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  1. Finally getting to reading about your week... and I was so certain that was not going to be what you found in the yard. LOL