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Week in the Life | April 17th through April 23rd

You guys, this week was the worst week ever to do a week in the life! But, I went ahead and did it. Because I did not feel well ALL week, there was no way I could have uploaded photos and written a post at the end of each day last week, so here I am sharing a week later.

I'm using Rhonna Collage to make all my collages (the same collages I make for my Currently posts). They are so easy to make that I'll probably print them in 12x12 sheets, stick them in my Project Life album, and call it good.

My inspiration for this week's project is Ali Edwards. I had intended to buy her Week in the Life kit, but life hit me like a train this week and I was hard pressed to even get 8 photos a day. So, while my past weeks in the life have been more photographic and detailed, this week will be brief.

I had little spurts of energy here and there, but I felt terrible all week. I was warned this would happen when I started the MTHFR protocol, but man, it hit me hard this week with flu like symptoms, dizziness, a strange rash, headaches, and insomnia. It just really didn't feel like a productive week, but now that I look back on it, we still accomplished all that I had hoped to, and for that I am thankful and hope you will join me the next seven days for a week in our life. ♥


  1. Oh I love it. I never knew you did week in the life. Would love to see some photos. I have been doing it for the last four years.I am a homeschooler too. However, you never really see week in the life for homeschoolers. Would love to see your layout.

  2. True! You often see a day in the life, but not a whole week! I have done a lot of days in the life, but this is only my third week in the life. I'm sorry though that it will be a really boring week without a lot of school action nor a lot of photos, but I plan to do another one in the fall for the first week of school, so please check back! :)

  3. oh yeah, i would definitely check back. Oh, I have had really boring week in the life too because i have four kids under the age of 8. so, its quite hectic trying to take a picture with a baby and a toddler while schooling. lol. Anywhoo, no expectations. Just wanted to see your week in the life. I have followed your blog for a while now and I always enjoy your family stories. Something I can relate to. THanks for sharing.