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Saturday, April 22nd | Week in the Life 2017

Today is my husbands day off of work and our rest day (our Sabbath). Today we rest, do Bible study, and play as a family.

My husband bought epsom salts yesterday, so when I woke up early, I took an hour long epsom salt bath. While soaking, I listened to a podcast on MTHFR which led me to another one that I want to watch. I downloaded the PDF to look over the content, and I think I will like it. I like knowing the scientific reasons behind things which in this case is the methylation pathways in the body and how each supplement plays a role in that pathway. I took that screen shot because I am out of methionine and I think I really must need it (my energy levels have tanked since I ran out).

Elli and Bo have been playing together a lot lately because Malachi is outgrowing that type of play. He likes to hang out with friends now. Elli hangs out with friends too, but she still likes to play with Boaz. ♥

Today, there is a parade of some sorts so the kids are watching from Elli's window while they play Playmobil.

My husband grilled rib eye steaks for brunch. They were so good. Elli and I made brownies later for a Sabbath treat. They took an hour to bake, so we did our Bible Study. Usually, we sing hymns, and either tune into church online or watch a video of our choosing. These past few weeks, we have been watching The Gospels from Drive Thru History.

I made a video of Mikey (short for Michelangelo) and sent it to the little boy whom we adopted him from. He misses him so much, so I have been sending pics, but he really wanted a video, so I took a few videos of him this week to make one.

After watching three Drive Thru History videos (27 minutes each), we had brownies and the kids had some free time while hubby and I had some alone time. Then my husband took Malachi for a drive to check on his uncle's house, played outside with all the kids, and took Malachi and Eliana for a bike ride. He's now making popcorn for dinner. (I didn't think we'd eat all three pizzas last night, so I didn't have anything else planned!). 

It's 9pm now, and I hear boys talking in their bedroom with the lights out. With the sun setting later, it is harder to get the kids to bed by 8pm. We will soon have to switch to summer bed time which is 9pm. Elli is curled up with Buttercup. Dylan just grabbed clothes to spend the night at a friend's house. My husband is getting ready to do his school (Technical Writing), and I'm off to bed.