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Sunday, April 23rd | Week in the Life 2017

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
  1. After breakfast supplements - Tuna Omega Oil, Sesame oil (high in methionine which is good for people with MTHFR), Cyruta Plus, Enzycore, maybe Iron, and Trace Minerals B12 (all from Standard Process). I take half the recommended dose on all but a few important ones like Pituitrophen and Symplex F that I need to take daily to afford them. 
  2. Pituitary support - in addition to a pituitary pmg, I put one drop of Brain Power essential oil on my tongue and hold my tongue to the roof of my mouth for one minute. 
  3. Bo's toys and clothes that need put away - he does not like to clean his room nor fold clothes and put them away, but he will with a little encouragement and help. 
  4. A load of boys' clothes
  5. A load of girl's clothes 
  6. Another load of boys' clothes
  7. On a trip to the city to get groceries at Costco - we stopped to get Little Caesar's pizza and Nathan while in town. (My husbands favorite because it's cheap, fast, and have the best crazy bed, if you ask him.)
  8. Visiting with Nathan while we are in town. We went and got ice cream and french fries together. Don't ask me what else I ate today because I'm not ready to confess. 😜
  9. This was actually taken the next day, but I forgot to get a pic of the groceries or of our shopping trip, so I took one the next morning because the kids begged me to let them set up the new trampoline. Well, I had a good one from target but I forgot to put it in. I guess I could have swapped out a laundry photo - I have three. 😂 So, the kids have wanted a trampoline for awhile now, so I encouraged them to all put in their birthday money together to buy one. I told them they could set it up if they could get the box to the back yard. They did (!) by taking all the parts out of the box and carrying them to the back yard one by one.  😂
Thanks for peeking into a week of our life! :)