Books Left to Row {FI♥AR}

I've been organizing the books that we have left to row. I've been referring to this list to help me plan, but I'm in a mid-winter slump! I don't feel like rowing at all!

Volume 1
  1. Grandfather's Journey, USA-San Francisco, Japan, WWII, family timeline
  2. A Pair of Red Clogs, summer, Japan, telling the truth, possessions, mother/daughter
  3. Papa Piccolo, spring, Italy- Venice, Italian customs, cats/adoption, adventure

Volume 2
  1. Wee Gillis, Scotland, bagpipes, decisions, family
  2. They Were Strong and Good, USA, genealogy, travel, Civil War
  3. Make Way for Ducklings, Spring, USA - Boston, ducks, cities, families
  4. Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car, summer, England, car ride, animal friends, cooperation
  5. All Those Secrets of the World, summer, USA, WWII, beach, family
  6. Follow the Drinking Gourd, summer, USA, South, slavery, underground RR, hidden message

We rowed Another Celebrated Dancing Bear already, but it doesn't seem blogable (that or I just don't feel like putting forth the effort to blog it!).  I've done enough - it has been a very fulfilling row (I loved this book!) but most of it has been straight from the manual and I have very few photos.  I'm afraid that I am feeling a tad bit BURNT out!  I think I need a break from Five in a Row. 

Malachi and Eliana both have winter birthdays so I usually try to wrap up the grade they are in by the end of winter and then start fresh in the spring. Right now, my focus is on Malachi finishing up 1st grade. I need him to finish his reading, spelling, Explode the Code 3, and handwriting book B. Eliana is ready for Kindergarten and I'd like to focus on her reading. So, I think we will focus on the basics for a while and just read a good chapter book for literature! (I'm hoping that if I publish this, and give myself permission to not row, that I will get a burst of energy and start rowing!) 

If you want a peek into our life on a weekly basis, I am blogging Project 52 ~ our life, one week at a time, twenty-twevle. You can check it out on my family blog!

Update: I'll probably finish volumes 1 and 2 this spring, and row volume 3 next school year. 

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