Wednesday, April 19th | Week in the Life 2017


Oh man, talk about lame! I had to use screen shots because I took so few pictures today. I worked on two reviews today for the Crew - Readers in Residence and SpeedyPrep. I still had not taken a photo of Malachi for my SpeedyPrep review, so I had him do his lesson first thing so I could take a photo. 

Then, I reread my reviews, fine tuned them, and published them. We are only required to have 500 words in our reviews, but I can't seem to ever come close to that and still say all that I want to say, unless it is a book review.  A curriculum needs at least 1500 words, LOL! 

So, after I publish a review, I make sure all my links work, then link it up to the Crew blog. After that, I share my reviews on two social media platforms which are Twitter and Pinterest. Finally, I enter all my links into a form on the Crew forum. Then I peek at my list of drafts in my blogger dashboard and breathe a sign of relief. Two more reviews are done. 

I currently have 17 drafts scheduled over the next two months. Nine of them are reviews. (Not counting the two I just published today or the two I just put in for). Phew! I like to schedule all the posts out, including my weekly post, so I can see how full my calendar is. I work on each one a little at a time as I go. 

This afternoon, Eliana had a soccer game. I did not want to go, but I went anyways and walked over to the soccer field with a blanket and a hat on. I felt dizzy and nauseous. I headed home right after the game with Bo, but Elli stayed to hang out with friends. 

I made dinner for Bo and I. I figured the rest could fend for themselves when they get home. 

It was another early bedtime for me this night. 

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Crystal Clark said...

Aww... sorry you are having such a rough go with this detoxing. :(

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