Africa Week 2: Human Geography

Day 1:
Read aloud - Escape from the Slave Traders Ch. 8-9
Overview of human geography: population, lifestyles, languages, education and religious beliefs
Completed a graph on population growth in Africa
Used information to mark the locations of important cities of Africa
Identified the official languages of African countries
Geography Songs
Day 2:
Read aloud - Escape from the Slave Traders Ch. 10-11
Discovered the religions of African nations and used a graph to answer questions
Googled some images of traditional clothing
Geography Songs
Day 3:
Read aloud - Escape from the Slave Traders Ch. 12-13
Geography Songs
Googled images of "Butterfly Art" from the Central Republic of Africa
Explore traditional African music such as the marabi
Listened to African music that expressed the feelings and life of Africans
Learned what an idiophone is and listened to a mbira accompanied by the hosho, a gourd rattle
Day 4:
Geography Songs Talked about finger and spindle spinning
Learned about the North African art of weaving with looms  Found a simple loom to build:  African weaving loom
Made African textile designs on graph paper