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Hebrew Lesson 6 - Currency Exchange

We learned about Israel's unit of currency, the New Israeli Shekel (NIS), when we studied Israel; but, today we learned more about the kinds of shakah-leem (shekels) and practiced by exchanging them in our very own open-air market! The market was a project on our list for our African studies, and since Africa is so close to Israel and Israel has open-air markets as well, this worked out well for us!
We learned how to say:
Kama ze oleh? (How much does it cost? Literally -  How much it cost?)
Ani rotseh (m)/rotsah(f) liknot ze. (I want to buy it. Literally - I want buy it.)
We learned the various currency available and practiced with play money.
Israeli currency terms we learned in Hebrew:
makhatzeet hashekel - half shekel
eh-Hahd shekel - one sheckel
shkah-leem Hah-meesh-ah - five shekels
shkah-leem as-sah-rah - ten shekels
shakah-leem es-reem - twenty shekels
shakah-leem Hah-mee-shem - fifty shekels
shakah-leem may-ah - hundred shekels
shakah-leem mahtah-yeem - two hundred shekels
The kids were all very creative in coming up with homemade products for their stand in the market. We had a fishing booth (with a bookmark fish as the prize), mini books made out of homemade paper,  best-ever-paper-airplanes, fruity lip gloss, water balloon yo-yo's, squishy balls, a bean bag toss, tote bag decorating station, and a hot cocoa, mocha and cookie station. 
At each station, they had to say, "How much does it cost" and "I want to buy it" in Hebrew. Many replied with "todah!" (thank you!).
My boys thought it was the best day! It was a lot of fun and the hands on learning and application was great practice!