Eliana ~ Free Time and Planting Seeds

~Eliana is 29 months old~

We have been taking some time just "being." We have been enjoying the warmer weather. Elli has enjoyed playing in the kiddie pool, trips to the park, bike rides, a trip to the fountain (I enjoyed this more than her ~ she was a little afraid of the big fountains). We have read book after book after book and have done lots of cuddling over the last couple weeks. I am trying to wean her - I am ready now, even if she is my last. I'm not sure child-led weaning is for me - this girl is not showing signs of weaning herself AT ALL so it has not been easy. Mommy decides when and if she nurses and I am limiting it to once in the morning, when she wakes from a nap, and before bed. I say "no" to her many times a day, so I think this is a good compromise - for now.

We planted our garden late this year and she helped me plant some carrot seeds in our garden.

I really hope they grow so she can see how her seeds grew into carrots. We covered them with hay to keep the cats out and the watering down.

Over the last couple weeks, Elli's free time play has really blossomed. She is using her imagination and playing with her brother more and more.

It was nice to take a break, but I am ready to get back into a schedule and do some more planned activities.


  1. The garden looks like fun!

    Glad to know I'm not the only one struggling with weaning! I've half-heartedly attempted it several times, but my girl is a bit more stubborn than me. There needs to be an end, and 27 mos just seems rather close to it...

  2. hmm i will have to try that i have never heard of the hay idea...

  3. Good luck with the weaning. Two of my children weaned themselves by 18 months but my middle child would have nursed forever and weaning him was probably tougher on me than him.

  4. what a great week! and my youngest was the same no signs till one day it was like i don't need you i like milk from the fridge now :) i was like works for me :) hope it goes well for both of you!

    we've been enjoying the kiddie pool too!

  5. I think you are doing a great job with weaning, with nurturing, teaching and everything in between.

    These are some fun pictures of your gardening.

  6. Loved the pics! That sweet little girl is such a blessing to you. I'm so happy for you. You'll get the weaning thing worked out. I weaned Trusten back in April, and he STILL talks about "ounk" (milk). But, he seems content all the same, without it. I'm not so sure he'll be so when he sees the baby getting the "ounk." LOL!