Her First Dress

When my daughter was born, I was determined to learn how to sew, knit, crochet, embroider and more so that I could teach her. When she was just an infant, I began by sewing fabric onto onsies to make a simple dress. But, I was determined to make a real dress by the time she turned one. Here is the first dress I sewed for her.

A dress, pinafore and bottoms. 

And here she is in all her cuteness. The dress was a little big on purpose. She wore it for over a year.

I have sewed a little over the years, but not really from a pattern.  My first one was hard, but once I learned it, I made several dresses, with matching pinafores, bottoms and pantaloons. Recently, I pulled the elastic out of the sleeves of one to loosen it so she can still wear it. 

It is my desire to dress my daughter with modesty and femininity, so I am very excited to be reviewing a pattern from Sense and Sensibility. I am currently working on this Girls’ Edwardian Apron Pattern and think it is adorable. And Practically Pretty has a Simple Gathered Shift that I think would be perfect for Eliana! I love that vintage look! 

Can I say I am sew excited? :-) 


  1. You are super, and I mean it:-)!! Modesty is key for us too. Such a challenge to find modest clothes too, especially for girls as they get older. I love the first dress, the colors and style. The one you are working on now is just as beautiful. This type of dress is one of my favorites. I pay a pretty penny for several like this per year per season for Hanna (mostly for church and pictures, special times). You are so smart and so talented to teach yourself how to make these beautiful dresses for Eliana! What fun and special memories it will be to teach her one day, and to have these heirlooms to pass down as well.

  2. Late congrats on the dress. First time I've seen it. It's lovely, and I'm so proud of you. If there is ONE thing that is discouraging to me, it's sewing. :-(