Tot School ~ ABC Fishing, Letter G and Pink Swim Noodle Fun

Tot School

~Eliana is 29 months old~

Here is what we have been up to this week!

I saw this fun idea at Her Cup Overfloweth and have been wanting to do it since. She has some great instructions, except I took the easy way out and had my husband cut them on his radial arm saw. I couldn't find the pipe cleaners, so I used a clothes pin instead. She carried these around for several days until I caught her biting chunks out of it.

Here is what we did with one of the noodle beads:

Pink Noodle Sponge Painting

I was trying to think of more fun ways to use a swim noodle, other than swimming of course. Any ideas?

  ABC Fishing

Now that the newness of the kiddie pool has worn off, I thought this would be a great time to do some fishing. Malachi helped her identify the letters.

I originally saw this idea to fish with a net in a pool on a Tot School post somewhere, and then more recently I saw it being done with letters. I thought this was a great idea! I can't find who that was, but I left comments on both of your posts, so if this was you, would you let me know, so I can link to your post?

Elli is so funny lately. She has caught on that letters have sounds and that words begin with letters. She will say a sound and then the word, but often gets the sound wrong for the word. It is so cute to see her trying. She is also exaggerating the syllables (ba-nan-na) to see how many a word has.

Summer Sprinkles
After our fishing fun, she ran through the sprinkler - one of her favorite things to do and I have piles of wet clothes daily to prove it!
  Gold, Glitter and Letter Gg
I was inspired by Now I Know My ABC's: Letter G. She seems interested, so I am starting to include her in Malachi's preschool activities more.

  Gooey Gunk
Another G activity with her brother! See more of the gooey fun we had here!


Mali made ginger cookies, so she joined in the fun rolling dough into balls and then in sugar and flattening them. All of the things she loves to do with playdough, but it was edible! (Note: I do let my kids eat small amounts of cookie dough because I use farm fresh eggs from happy healthy chickens and they are safe to eat raw. I would not do this with store bought eggs).


What Elli does in her spare time (besides playing with her babies). She used the whole bench and even uses the chimney cabinet for her creations.

Bike Riding

I have gotten much better about taking my camera with me when I leave the house (notice the case attached to my belt). We try to stick to the bike trails when we ride as a family. She loves this, but wants to take her helmet off after about 30 minutes. We usually stop at a park and let her play and then ride home.
It has been a fun week, but I have no idea what we are doing next week! I am working on a a few special projects for her, though. I'll share what those are next Tot School. :-)


  1. Isn't it fun when they discover words start with letters? Mine go around telling me that I start with M.

  2. I had been thinking of making a lacing activity out of a pool noodle. I found some really cheap lacing beads (a small set for $1) and decided not to worry about it... but now that I see it in action, I wish I had done it. I also love the alphabet fishing. You are so creative!! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love everything you did with her this week! Cant' pick a favorite between the giant lacing beads, glitter, goo, bike riding and on and on....:-)! She looks adorable in her pink too!!

  4. I LOVE the noodle stringing idea!! FAB!! I also love how you arrange your pics in groups like that. I just might have to do that on my blog!! Thanks!

  5. It looks like a great week for Elli. I thought that fishing for letters was an awesome idea - I haven't seen it before, and I am itching to try t out. It's great that she can also join in her older brother preschool activities.